I See Smoke

What is wrong? They might be decent songs in their own right, but so far with only one to go the songs on the Hobbit credits have nothing on the ones for the real trilogy. For one thing the first set is possible to hear. The Hobbit songs are unintelligible except for one line.  The real reason the LOTR songs are so good is that although they fit the context of the world perfectly, they also fit outside, in the real world, if the mood matches. This is disregarding the fact the none of them are happy songs, really, they just don't sound gloomy. In contrast, the Hobbit songs are depressed songs, and they also can't be taken out of context like the others. This is obvious with a line like "keep watch over Durin's sons" With lyrics like that the song can never really be enjoyable outside the context of the Hobbit movies. Also, Bard is not portrayed as the sort of character who would suddenly want to sing anything like that, and although it could work as a dwarvish dirge, this would take deeper voice and a tense change.to "I Saw Fire" Dig out the Hobbit book and find the Misty Mountains song in the first chapter. Two verses written by the other already convey the image produced by the new song. I regard the new one as a throwaway, but what else are you going to make a song about in the middle of the story? I did not mention the Song of the Lonely Mountain because it's even less intelligible than "I See Fire" but I like the melody that goes with it. I honestly think they should simply have done a Misty Mountains reprise over the Unexpected Journey credits and done all the verses...

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