A Mad Libs Post

I haven't much to say, so I thought I'd spam you all with a Mad Libs post. I think there are some lines in these that will make you enjoy it.

A Concert Review

Throughout last night's napkin, the cheering for the performance of Pearl Pizza was so deafening, you had to hold your noodles over your flowers. Many well-known moon rocks are calling it the fat concert of the decade. For their opening number, the band played their hit song, "Zawoogie," followed by their jiggly rendition of "I Can't Get No Goblin King." Then, as a tribute to the Beatles, they played several whales from the hit album, Sergent Pepper's Lonely Fingers Club Band. Unfortunately, throughout the performance, lead singer Joe moved about the stage like a caged dog, singing at the top of his cubicles, giving this critic a terrible toeache. However, the concert ended with the audience standing on their clocks and applauding mentally, forcing the group to come back for three donuts before the continent finally came down.

Next-Door Neighbors

We have new aliens living in the anvil next door. He is a horrible salesman for a pickle company, and she teaches chalk in a private house. Last night, we were invited to their hairy home for a potluck road. We brought a noisy lasagna casserole. After dinner, we went into their gracefully decorated family copy machine, sat in front of their roaring food, and toasted trees. Before we left, our host insisted on taking out his blue truck- which we mistook for an ancient whistle- to play a few country rocks on it. All in all, it was an ugly evening, and since then the four of us have become as thick as bombs.


Bits And Pieces of Interest... Or Not.

Yes, I disappeared. No it wasn't for any particular reason. Following is a list of random interesting stuff that happened to me in... as many months as I can remember.

  •  (April I think) Read LOTR for the 7th time for no reason. Hobbit anticipation in high gear.
  • (sometime in 2011) became a fan of superhero movies. (May 2012) Saw and enjoyed Genetic Experiment, Mutant, Alien, Narcissistict Twit and a Couple of Covert Operatives Save the World from the Alien's Narcissistic twisted Non-Brother While Blowing Up New York City.
  • Sometime in June I think: Finished the first draft of the story I had been working on for the past two years. Soon started on second draft and immediately got nowhere.
  • In July I saw "The Dark Knight Rises". Experience: "What was I thinking?" The HISHE clips are hilarious though.
  • By the end of Summer, failed to hit my goal of 30 books first-time-read. however, I did reach 27.Thinking of trying again this year.
  • September: Celebrated Hobbit week by reading The Hobbit on the 22nd, and the LOTR again in the following 8 days. Permanently reconnected with (quite literally) my lifelong best friend.
  • And December: 
  1. Overcame the last obstacle to graduating High School.
  2. turned 19. Celebrated with a really fun afternoon. Saw The Hobbit. experience: meh, let-down, it was ok. Try as I might, I simply can not say it was awesome when so much stuff was awkward and out of place. See "An Unexpected Debateable Movie, part 1" posted about two weeks ago.
  3. Christmas: I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I did. I received 4 CDs of classic Irish ballads, 2 long-awaited film scores, an "I Simply Walked Into Mordor" hoodie, and a "Walk Into Mordor" board game that the rest of my family hates...
  • And then, on Jan. 1st. I saw Les Miserables. I know I said I would eventually do a trailer review, but somehow that sort of thing always slips my mind. I had read the book this summer, and it immediately claimed and kept the # 2 spot on my list behind LOTR. So yeah I was interested. The acting was awesome. The film, however, wasn't. It really should have been done in the non-singing fashion, although most of the big solos did come at times when you can imagine people would be singing. As if to remind you that it's a tragic story, Wolverine, Gladiator, Catwoman, Samantha Barks, Eddie Redmayne, and Amanda Seyfried ALL get a solo in which they cry while singing. There were some awkward points. Two big numbers came in the midst of the climactic fight, during which time was on pause. One was performed in a torrential rain even though before and after it for the rest of the film there was no sign of rain, and a character written as a teen was played by a 9 year old. That's a sample. Happy New Year.