Overture And a Prisoner of the Crusade (or the wierd track title tag)

I found this tag on Velvin's blog. It's the sort of thing that makes me lol.  So I'm seeing how it comes out subject to my library of film scores... Beware of total nonsense...

If someone says "This ok" you say "Defeat" (I do?)

What would best describe your personality? "This is Home" (Uhh... maybe?)

What do you like in a guy/girl? "Can't take it in" (Really? I can... or I can't ...  Take what in? Whatever!)

What is your life purpose? Last of the Mohicans Main Theme (uh... what)

What is your motto? "Amon Hen" (I'm sure the 'hill of sight' isn't my motto)

What do your friends think of you? "Data, data, data" (They do? I doubt it...)

What do you think about very often? "The Call" (The call... for what?!)

What is 2 + 2? "The Great River" (What's 3 + 3 then? The great waterfall?)

What do you think of your best friend? "Calvera Routed"

What do you think of a person you like? "To Jerusalem" (bad timing...)

What is your life story? "End Credits" (wow... there have been a lot of people in my life... Cameramen... Grips... )

What do you want to be when you grow up? "Lothlorien" (I want to be a forest? Wouldn't I want to be in a forest?)

What do you think when you see a person you like? "Busy Little Bee" (What?!)

What do your parents think of you? "The Moonshiner" (Not exactly... I'm pretty wierd, though...)

What will you dance to at your wedding? "The Battle of Stirling" (What! No! definitely not!)

What will they play at your funeral? "Beer, beer, beer" (What?! and not leave any for me?)

What is your hobby/interests? "Shelob's lair" (No it isn't. I definitely underestimated the length of this list...)

What's your biggest secret? "The Armies Assemble" (That's my secret?)

What do you think of your friends? "Maximus" (Maximum?)

What's the worst thing that could happen? "Treebeard" (Trees growing beards? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)

How will you die? "Galway Bay" (what? I'm gonna drown in Galway Bay? Maybe I shouldn't go to Ireland after all...)

What's the one thing you regret? "Martial Sabotage" (Fortunately, I can't regret this, 'cause there hasn't been any in my life...)

What makes you laugh? "Evacuating London" (Why would it, exactly?)

What makes you cry? "A Narnia Lullaby" (Oh... close one...)

Will you ever get married? "The Princess pleads for Wallace's Life" (uh.... That's going a bit far... is it the real thing?)

What scares you most? "Whiskey, you're the Devil" (Whiskey, no, the Devil, yes)

Does anyone like you? "Burning the Past" (Does this mean something?

If you could go back in time, what would you change? "Evenstar" (Don't go there...)

What hurts right now? "The Irish Rover"

What do you most often exclaim? "At the Sign of the Prancing Pony" (not my style, really...)

Where in paradise? "River Walk and Discovery" (Paradise? Wait... where are we?)

What did you first say as a baby? "Athelas and the Evenstar"(Wow... really? I need some athelas,quick!)

If you had a pet, what would you name it? "Sorrow"(That would really be strange...)

What's your favorite sight to see? "The Kings and Queens of Old" (That would be interesting...)

What makes you gag? "The End of All Things" (Actually it probably does...)

What are you best at? "I've Got My Eye on You" (No, really... I am no good at all at spying, but I stare a lot...)

If you wrote a book, what would you call it? "Gollum's Song"

What did you wish for last? "The Black Rider" (No, I didn't wish for any invisible horseman gang...)

What would you superhero name be? "What Shall We Die For?" (What sort of powers would that guy have?)

How soon will this be over? "Port Lairge"

Where are you sitting? "From Western Woods to Beaversdam" (Whoa, whoa, whoa... how can I do that?)

 What do you most hate? "Revenge"

What do you most love? "The Pub With No Beer "

What do you not care about? "The Legend Spreads" (The Legend of what?!)

What's your secret name? "Mr. Moses"

What will you post this as? "Overture And a Prisoner of the Crusade"


Banner Header?

For quite a while, I have wanted a banner on my blog that showed my personas and their respective names as clearly as possible. I have not been able to do this because I do not have a photo of myself as the Phantom, and will probably never get one that satisfactorily shows King Valun (I don't draw well enough). So I would greatly appreciate it if my followers would take the time to tell me what could be better about the banner in the center of the screengrab above. Also, I would ask that those followers who have not voted to visit JT'S Tales and tell me what they think of the stories I post there, by way of voting on the poll questions I put up just for that purpose. Gotta run.... I smell onions cooking on the stove...


The Eagle

Last night, my dad took me to see The Eagle. The Eagle is a fictional film centered around the themes of honor, courage, and loyalty. It is set in Britain in 140 A.D. It is rated PG-13, for violence and some bad language. There is blood on faces when that would be believable, but for the most part, gore is studiously avoided.   There are movies that are fun to watch because they are hilariously bad, and then there are movies that are fun to watch because they have minimal to no glaring problems, though are nowhere near a Braveheart level of awesomeness. The Eagle, in my opinion, falls into the latter category.
  In a five-star rating system such as the Scarlet Pimpernel uses, I would say that though the leads were unknowns, they were real bargains, playing their parts well. Therefore the lead acting deserves a star. Second, I award a star for the score. Granted, the score did not go far beyond a loud monotonous drone, but it fit so well! And the End Credits track! If you want the first two minutes, listen to Making Plans/Gathering the Clans from the Braveheart score and you're almost there. Though I have never heard a score I didn't like, the score for The Eagle was instantly one of my favorites and on my wish list. Third, I award a star for the fact that the money not spent on convincing famous actors was spent on building realistic- looking props and sets and renting great locations (all scenes were filmed in Scotland or Hungary) I award another star for what I consider well thought out camera work, up to and including the shaking camera during the battles, which I thought gave a more realistic feel to the action. I am withholding the last star due to the fact that all the actors were speaking in plain American accents and talking like contemporary Americans. And by that I mean there is some bad language in the dialogue, though it does not appear after the first half hour of the film. Also, I was disappointed that I could instantly fit each character in the supporting cast into a different annoying category. Therefore, I rate The Eagle four stars.
  On second thought, considering the realistic -looking Celts, and the fact that they, at least, were actually speaking the original language (Gaelic) And in every way seemed more realistic to the time period than the Scots of Braveheart by comparison, I will allow another half-star. If you like an adventure movie with awesome sets and impressive action, which focuses on honor, courage, and loyalty all at once, you will  enjoy The Eagle, which I give a final rating of four and a half stars, despite the American Romans.


A Late Note

It's a bit late to say this, but today, February 6th, is my sister's 13th birthday. 

Happy birthday to her
Happy birthday to her
Help me, I've got a crazy teenager for a sister...
But then, I'm older and crazier so I can't talk...:D
My sister is my best friend in my family, and I will say here, even though she can't read it, that I hope we remain as close as we are as we grow older. Since she doesn't have blog and doesn't read mine, I have to talk about her rather than to her, and I say that in the crazy household we live in, she may be the sanest one. She listens to me when I have something to say, and often puts me in my place when I am trying to rant and rampage, and is also good at improvising funny stories. I wish I could do it as she does, but I just can't. The only somewhat irritating thing about her is that she's obsessed with horses. But hey, aren't we all obsessed with something? It wouldn't be hard to believe. "Would you like a clockknight?" "What on earth is a clockknight?" "A knight with a clock on his head, obviously." Her lines. That made me rofl.


2 Irish Non-drinking Songs

I couldn't find the songs I wanted. There aren't many songs on the albums that  don't involve alcohol, but these are some of the best either way.
Brennan on the Moor (rebellion song)

I attached this song to the end because the Clancy brothers ended every concert with it.