Mad Libs #2

Excuse me for my lack of originality, but since I haven't recently done anything but return my new shoes for second time, I felt like posting this:

Being A Clone Commander, By A Clone Commander

So you'd like to lead a squadron of clock troopers? Well, it's not all fun and leopards fighting the bad insects; it's also really shiny work. For one thing, you always have to be on your game, on the lookout for anything slanted 24-40. You're on call morning, noon, and toaster. You might be dancing peacefully, when suddenly your Jedi Knight's boring voice comes shouting out of nowhere, commanding you to battle radiators immediately. When you've been snapping in battles as long as I have, you learn three very important things. First thing to remember: The cloud always comes first. Second, if you get captured, keep your lung shut. Third, and most striped, expirience outranks everything. Keep these three shrunken things in mind, and your squadron will slyly respect your hole.

And now, if you would be so kind, please catch up to JT's Tales. (We're on chapter 8)


A Blog Award

The authors of JandJ Productions have awarded me the above award...:D (thank you, everyone, it's so nice to be here today...:D). Now I get to say seven totally random things about myself in a totally random order...:D.
1. The third and fourth fingers on each of my hands are fused together (as are my ankles and, partially, my collarbone)
2. Due to my closed-mouth style, I could be standing face to face with you, whistling loudly, and you'd still turn around and ask where the sound was coming from before finding out...:D
3. I once ate nine eggs in one breakfast, and was still hungry.
4. I'd do practically anything within reason for Reese's Peanut butter & chocolate candy.
5. I enjoy performing, but get stage fright in an organized setting, no matter how hard I practice.
6. One of my hobbies is archery, and I use a bow taller than I am myself.
7. I have openly dared anyone to spread anything edible on a banana, and watch as I eat it with relish...:D (On my own account, I have tried such things as Mayonaise, BBQ sauce, and Ranch dressing...)

Lastly, I am expected to award this award to five deserving followers, but since I have only four followers besides jandj, they get it by default.:D 


Mad Libs (Clone Wars style) #1

I asked, and got one yes... and one 'what are you talking about?',after which I explained in a posted titled 'An explanation of Mad L:ibs'. What follows is what I was talking about. (The words in bold type are the ones I inserted) I will not be posting all my MLs. Just the funniest ones.

'Watching Anikin Grow Up, By Obi-Wan Kenobi'

"When I first met Anikin, he was no more than a little stuffed toy. He was very force-sensitive, but he seemed too rough to become a Jedi Knight. Boy, was I miniscule! In just a few short tubes, Anikin has proven himself to be a square Jedi radio. Now he's even training his own cell phone. He may be a reluctant teacher, but he's doing it stupidly. He and his elastic Padawan, Ahsoka, fight side by coat hanger as if they've been doing it for years. They also know how to laugh together, which is important for building a frozen relationship between Master and learner. In every task he's taken on in the Clone Wars, Anikin's been brave and confused. I am pointlessly lucky to teach him and to learn from him. One day, I'm sure he'll be the most octogonal Jedi in the entire spotlight. (but let's just keep that between us. We don't want his artery getting too big!)


Inside Their Heads: My Characters, Section One

As you might have guessed, this is yet another supplement to The Price Of A Throne that I have only recently put together. I thought I should post it before we get much farther along in the story. Without further ado, my characters:

King Valun III
The fifth of his house (and 11th overall) to rule Corridane, Valun (VA-lun) is not at ease as king. He is obsessive about retaining the loyalty of his subjects, and is likewise and consequentially desperate to be sure that everything he does is fualtless. Though he quickly learned to hide the fact, he was permanantly truamatized by Damrod's betrayal and his (Valun's) subsequent exile.
Notable Note: He is only the second of the 11 rulers (ten kings + Damrod) to clearly exceed six feet in height (the previous one was Valun I, the Great)

Sir Richard the Lion*
Valun's closest friend, Richard is naturally a perpetually cheerful, fun-loving 'dude' with a flair for drama and the fight. He is never without his blade, and is seldom far from his helm. He considers improving one's fighting skill the best use of one's time, and practices what he preaches (he is the BEST swordfighter alive in Corridane). He was called 'the lion' by the others due to his bright red hair (which is closer to orange...if you're not sure quite what it looks like, imagine William Wallace's hair on steroids...:D)
Notable Note: The plume on Richard's helm comes from Valun's own black charger

Sir Robert the Ram*
Robert is headstrong and stubborn. He was the voice of reason/realism during the four friends' time in exile. Though often antaganistic, he shows a quiet confidence which easily convinces men to follow him. He is, and considers himself to be, more of a respectful follower of Valun rather than a true friend. He has always been skeptical of John's motives. He is also at odds with Richard's natural cheerfulness, but still respects him as an equal.
Notable Note: If he had the gear, Robert could bench-press 375 pounds with ease, due to years of  work in the Ronaieran mines.

Sir John of the Rock
John is enigmatic, clever, and longs to estalish himself on a pinnacle as high as Valun's. He is also animpulsive actor who often has little use for others' opinions. He has always preferred Richard's company over that of the others (but that does not mean he is strong with a blade). Ironically, he is easily influenced by the opinions of others.
Notable Note: Don't lose track of him

*Richard and Robert actually followed Valun into exile at the urging of their fathers, who were staunch supporters of Valun II, and in consequence later executed by Damrod.


An Explanation Of Mad Libs

As you are all aware, I am currently asking everyone whether I can post Mad Libs which I have completed. But some of you have indicated that you don't know what I am talking about. So now I will explain. Mad Libs are the word games for people who hate word games (My description, not theirs). Mad Libs can be played by any number of players or just one. They are a collection of stories which are only one, sometimes two, paragraphs long, the common theme of which you will find on the cover of your Mad Libs game.
What makes Mad Libs so fun is this: In any given one of the stories in your ML game, a random number of spaces, in a random order, are BLANK. The blanks are labeled underneath with  'part of speech (i.e. verb)', 'part of the body', 'name of person in room' (sometimes specified further as 'male' or female'), 'place', and sometimes 'number'. The labels show what sort of word they expect a person to place in that particular space. Another twist is that one is expected to avoid looking at the title (or revealing it if there are multiple players) until all the blanks have been filled. The games are designed so that a person playing by themselves should see the title, but not the story, until all the blanks have been filled. In multi-player games there is one person who can see the story and fills in the blanks, and is consequentially NOT allowed to suggest words that should be used. When the blanks are filled, the writer reads the story, and the players will either be bored to death, surprised, or even possibly lose control of themselves laughing at their own choice of words in the context of the story. Mad Libs can be found in bookstores and tourist stops, and there are about thirty to  forty different themes  last I saw. That should answer everything you never knew you wanted to know about Mad Libs games, and I hope you enjoy mine.:D