Well... What Do You Know...?

Because there are no other bloggers in my family, it falls upon me to, you guessed it... blow my own horn. (Vuvuzela sounds in the bakground) I'm 18 today! There, that's over with.
First thing'll I'll do to celebrate is to... write this post...:D

Probably by 12:00 I'll have been to the ice cream joint to have the once-a- year bannana split.

Then, by 4:00, I'll have seen "Thor", Which I ordered from Netflix specially for today.

Between the ice cream and the movie, or after the movie, or both, I will be attempting to contact my friends on Skype.

By 5:00, H-hour, I'll be eating ravioli and salad, followed by a scrumptious-sounding peanut-butter pie involving Oreo cookies and whipped cream, and opening gifts a few minutes later.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing to mark my birthday! Next year I'll mark it by seeing "The Hobbit" in the theater.

Happy (my) birthday everyone! :D


Minimun Speed 45 MPH

Funny? Check. Totally out of place? Check. Extremely dangerous unphotoshopped typo? Check.
As often happens at The Window, this is a rambling update because I forgot to post about anything worth posting about.

1. King Valun has ordered the scribes to rewrite the first part of his story. The original, negligent, scribes... have, well, been punished. Needeless to say, those who check the Archives will be notified when it is finished, and see a change.

2.  We got our first winter storm two nights ago. It amounted to frost, and slick shoes can't step outside.

3.  Next week, we get Christmas vacation! But I'm starting now...

4. Neither I nor any of my friends are watching The Crusader's Tale until it gets out here on a disk. Hurry up, SP!

5. Wishing I could make stuff for Christmas...

6.  My birthday's coming up, but more on that later...

7. Have I ever mentioned how awesome Skype is? I still like to write letters, but Skype is the best thing out there...:D.

8. My mom is officially a commercial hoagie roll supplier. Best thing is, we're the test group...:D

9.  Beyond that, it's all quiet on the western front. I will try harder to make readable posts after this...