Hoops And Music

Yesterday evening, two notable events occurred, The first was when my brother's basketball team, the Electrons, won for the first time in four games. As much as I dislike blowouts, this one felt good anyway; final score: 44-22. The second event, which came an hour after the game ended, was a recital of classical music, performed by various students of my sister's violin teacher. 23 different performers came up and played their pieces, and though they were all good, most of them were pieces my sister had passed years ago, and so were tedious. My sister's performance was the 22nd, and by far one of the best. The film below is the performance in it's entirety, as filmed by myself, with my own camera. I'd like to apologize in advance for the occasional unwarranted shift or shake. I can only say that I'm not very strong when standing upright.

I'm sorry, but it appears that the video I mentioned couldn't come through.

The video below is the piece as played by the practice CD. Please listen to most of it, at least.
 My sister played this for five minutes.



There is a zoo/museum a few miles outside Bakersfield, CA which is known as CALM, the California Living Museum. My family and I went down the hill to spend some time there on Thursday. Unfortunately, we had come at a bad time, when most of the animals were asleep. We did not have the time to stay very long anyway, but even so, I got what I wanted: some good pics of my favorite exhibits.

Pure Awesomeness

An American Badger, asleep

2 Golden Eagles (the second one is behind the leaves)

In the hole in this pic, you see two bears, a black and a brown, dozing (I said it was a bad time)

Scotland? Ireland? Bakersfield!