Bloggable Stuff

My life is a bit more bloggable now than it used to be, and by that I mean I did fun stuff and fun stuff is happening. I might even post a video here next week if all works out. I won't explain the video because it will explain itself  when and if I am able to post it. Regarding things I've actually done: I wrote a screenplay for a friend which I was only just able to deliver into his hands at 29 pages long. That is something of an accomplishment because he only asked me for 25 and I could not have made it any longer than it is if I wanted to.
I have seen Ant-Man and I found it hilarious when it was trying to be and cool otherwise. Thinking about it, I consider the first Marvel film I've seen that was actually a good movie, despite the patented Disney cop-out ending and a gaping plot hole in a fight scene that involves flying. Yes I enjoyed it more than Winter Soldier. I guess this is the kind of thing we can expect to see in theaters for far into the future; depending on the studio, you'll get dinos and ripped street racers, Tom Cruise doing thing that are literally basically impossible in reality,( see what I did there-sorry, couldn't resist...) and all your favorite brands that you grew up with alternately cracking wise, exploding things, and/or saving the world/universe. I mean really, why is it that it seems the universe is saved by every "because plot" resolution in alien invasion movies. Are they not smart enough to realize that there are probably 42 other ways they could build a superhighway through space? (bonus points if you understand that reference...)