Well... What Do You Know...?

Because there are no other bloggers in my family, it falls upon me to, you guessed it... blow my own horn. (Vuvuzela sounds in the bakground) I'm 18 today! There, that's over with.
First thing'll I'll do to celebrate is to... write this post...:D

Probably by 12:00 I'll have been to the ice cream joint to have the once-a- year bannana split.

Then, by 4:00, I'll have seen "Thor", Which I ordered from Netflix specially for today.

Between the ice cream and the movie, or after the movie, or both, I will be attempting to contact my friends on Skype.

By 5:00, H-hour, I'll be eating ravioli and salad, followed by a scrumptious-sounding peanut-butter pie involving Oreo cookies and whipped cream, and opening gifts a few minutes later.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing to mark my birthday! Next year I'll mark it by seeing "The Hobbit" in the theater.

Happy (my) birthday everyone! :D


Minimun Speed 45 MPH

Funny? Check. Totally out of place? Check. Extremely dangerous unphotoshopped typo? Check.
As often happens at The Window, this is a rambling update because I forgot to post about anything worth posting about.

1. King Valun has ordered the scribes to rewrite the first part of his story. The original, negligent, scribes... have, well, been punished. Needeless to say, those who check the Archives will be notified when it is finished, and see a change.

2.  We got our first winter storm two nights ago. It amounted to frost, and slick shoes can't step outside.

3.  Next week, we get Christmas vacation! But I'm starting now...

4. Neither I nor any of my friends are watching The Crusader's Tale until it gets out here on a disk. Hurry up, SP!

5. Wishing I could make stuff for Christmas...

6.  My birthday's coming up, but more on that later...

7. Have I ever mentioned how awesome Skype is? I still like to write letters, but Skype is the best thing out there...:D.

8. My mom is officially a commercial hoagie roll supplier. Best thing is, we're the test group...:D

9.  Beyond that, it's all quiet on the western front. I will try harder to make readable posts after this...


Virtual Card

Enjoy (which in this case means dislike) this card I picked up from That Dude's blog.

So they reaffirmed In God We Trust, (which I hear they did) but what can that do against the society described by this card? It's a sad world out there... btw, need I say pass it on? This is an American card, but that could easily mean the problem's universal...

Twas the month before Christmas 
Not a Christian was praying       
Nor taking a stand.       
Why the PC Police had taken away       
The reason for Christmas - no one could say.      
 The children were told by their schools not to sing       
About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.       
It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say       
December 25th is just a ' Holiday'.       
Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit      
 Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!       
CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-Pod       
Something was changing, something quite odd!       
Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa       
In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.       
As Targets were hanging their trees upside down       
At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.      
At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears       
You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.      
 Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty      
 Are words that were used to intimidate me.       
Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen       
On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!       
At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter       
To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.       
And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith      
 Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace       
The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded       
The reason for the season, stopped before it started.      
 So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'       Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.       
Choose your words carefully, choose what you say       
not Happy Holiday!       

Please, all Christians join together and       
wish everyone you meet       
Christ is The Reason' for the Christ-mas Season!       
If you agree please post this on your blog, if not, simply ignore. 


Style Award

I got this award from Imogen about three weeks ago. This blog is accepting it on behalf of JT's Tales, which is busy posting a story I don't want to break up. (btw, it's just getting interesting). Now,  the answers:

1) My legs are cold-blooded animals

2) My favorite artists are Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, the Clancy Brothers, and Gilbert & Sullivan

3) I can play main parts of as many as 8-10 film scores, but no full pieces (can't anybody do that?)

4) I always order pasta on my birthday. (does that tell you I really like pasta?)

5) believe it or not, I actually enjoy some of the suedo-pop songs on movies. My favorite song albums are riddled with nostalgic romance... (Have I lost my mind?:D)

6) I consider myself an LOTR semi-geek, sort of

7) I like to spout total nonsense at my family just to hear them ask me 'Are you insane?' I always say 'yes' :D

Since they are the only ones left, I pass this award on to:

The Scarlet Pimpernel at his adventures He drew me into blogging. Though he doesn't post often, his posts are worth tracking for the unique persceptive he puts there, which is often humorous (no offence, of course, TSP:D)

JandJ at jandjproductions. In the months since I started following, they have only once, to my memory, posted anything besides an award acceptance or a movie review (my book challenge) but the reviews are always interesting. If you like action movies and epics, their blog is worth following just to see their header! :D



I spend two hours every Thursday volunteering at our library. It's cool. I'm practically part of the staff... at least, it feels like that... But it does feel just a bit odd sometimes when the staff comes and opens the door and lets me in an hour before opening time when there are, hello! PEOPLE waiting outside an hour ahead of time for the doors to open! (bet you didn't expect that... (btw, those people are waiting specifically to use the computer bank, believe it or not)
So anyway, I go in, and I go straight to the exclusive :D back room, where I take up the box of... computer cleaning supplies. Out of which I then remove one cloth and zero other items. With this one cloth, I then run over every part of the computer. Half an hour later, voila (or whatever) It's done! Having done this, I collect a list of books to be pulled from the shelves. This is the fun part, even though to date (I've been doing this for months) there is never a single reputable (that I know of) book on the list. The standard formula for my pull list is approximately 1) handful of romances from adult books 2) several manga comics/paranormal romances/just plain dumb books from YA 3) maybe three sci-fis if I'm lucky, I haven't got much against sci-fis 4) ocaissonal western or mystery and 5) handful of instructionals for the 10- set spiced with occaisonnal preteen fantasy. That's the demand in our library.
It gets more depressing, though. Our library is in the center of a strip mall. The comparatively miniscule space of (I've heard) 5600 square feet is supposed to serve a population of approximately 35000! Meanwhile, a town a few miles away which is steadily shrinking just got a new $6.3 million building! Outrage, is it not, that meanwhile our town is reduced to buying the rest of the bankrupt strip mall to grow. No chance of that happening, when the place is losing money like it is. medium town, tiny library. The doom of Libraocracy.
Is your town's library tiny? huge? good selection? Do you even a library?
Long live real books!
p.s. The new #2 on my list of favorite books is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Everything else is bumped down one spot. Goodbye Captain Nemo.


It's Not Rocket Science...

But... wait a minute... maybe it is... My comically unpredictable brother Frank has found himself a new fad worth having. And that is, as you can see, rocket science. Recently, he's been working out his idea of the perfect rocket, which, apparently, consists of a capsule ten acres wide (or as small as one person, depending on when you ask) powered by an intricate combination of solar panels, pure silver, and copper wire. No asking where the oxygen tank would go. In reality, though, it seems his ideas aren't so ridiculous after all. Believe it or not, a scientific magazine uncovered shelved plans by NASA to design rockets that are powered by black holes, nuclear bombs, and antimatter. How can that be possible?! Btw, did I mention Frank plans to go into orbit in a rocket made of cardboard? But at least now he got this penchant for launching rockets, we know what to get around Christmastime... I wonder what the neighbors thought when they heard the boom...?


The LOTR fan award

Thanks JandJ for this award. My answers to the three questions are below.
 1) Favorite character and why: Faramir, because he had the sense and the heart to release Frodo and was not tempted by The Ring. (He's quicker on the uptake in the book)

2) What race would you be: I don't play LOTR online. An unscientific quiz I once took said I was a Dwarf.

3) And where would you live?: Assuming I were me, I think I would most prefer the plains of Rohan. If I were a dwarf, of course, I would live in Erebor.

Anybody who likes LOTR gts this award.
More posts are forthcoming.


Congratulations To Him

Today is my brother Dan's 12th birthday. Birthdays here are not all day events, so there isn't much to say. Dan is a staunch believer in the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, arguably the most famous monster legend out there. He's also in the habit of periodically declaring his bedroom an independent country and considers himself the household opposition government. He also speaks German. Tonight, we will be having German buns called Bieroks for dinner, followed by apple pie a la mode instead of cake. We got him some sports equipment as gifts. Hoping there are many more where this came from.


Top 25: Literature

This list has been critiziced as pointlessly long. I can see that, but I say that I like books so much that I am going to bore you all to death with the list anyway! hahaha! The list really represents a larger part of what I have read than you may think. I will give a simple summary of each plot, list one film version, and then add my comments. If you think in retrospect (or forespect) that I blew it, go ahead and say so.

Moby-Dick by Hermann Melville
Simple Summary: An old whaling captain is obsessed with killing an albino(?) whale which inadverdantly caused the amputation of his leg.
My Comments: This book is one of the most famous in American lit. I read it only because of that. It is far more tedious than no. 25 for being 3x longer. I feel lucky to have sped through it in three days. I could not analyze it if I wanted to, though.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Simple Summary: In the 1930s An African-American man is wrongly accused of a henious crime. The town lawyer strives to save him.
My Comments: If you think this sounds boring, I agree, mostly. But there is something about the story that gave me a reason to feel proud of having read it. It's one of those books that just affects you after the final line, however momentary the feeling is.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Simple Summary: A guy who's proud and a girl who's prejudiced against him just for that end up married.
My comments: First off, if you think I read this because I am insane, go ahead. Think so, but blame 'someone else'. The Proud and the Prejudiced could be pushovers, just as they thought of each other, but the ridiculous behavior of them and various others made this actually kind of fun to read...:)

Tarzan of the Apes by E.R. Burroughs

Simple Summary: A British noble orphaned at only days old grows to the peak of athletic ability due to being raised by apes.
My Comments: Be warned: Burroughs work has evident rascist tilts. Despite that, though, it is a fun story to read. The end includes one of the most comedic reactions to a MC I've seen...:)

No. 21.
Uncle Tom's Cabin by H.B. Stowe

Simple Summary: A highly competent slave is taken from the mid-South to the Deep South, meeting progressively harsher masters.
My Comments: UTC is another of those books that leaves you affected for having read it. Tom himself is probably one of the most memorable characters ever written. It has some semi-subtle humor, but in general, this is a serious book that is read primarily if one is out looking for the classics.

No. 20
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis

Simple Summary: Six of the books follow the adventures of three parties of children from 'our world', who generally relied on to save a land called 'Narnia' The exception is the 4th book, in which Narnia is saved by Narnians.
My Comments: If you are a book person, the Chronicles are some of the books you read, perhaps several times. There are many elements that can be interpreted as Christian allegory, whether that was intentional or not. In my opinion, the best is #2, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques

Simple Summary: A modern elaboration on an old legend, the Castaways trilogy follows a tragically cursed boy and dog as they travel the world, forever young, in search of those in need of aid.
My Comments: First off, Ben and Ned, the MCs, are laugh out loud funny throughout the books. Second off, I think this is the only series in which I prefer the middle (The Angel's Command) to the end (Voyage of Slaves). The premise could've kept this series going for who knows how long.

No. 18
Rob Roy by Walter Scott

Simple Summary: A British merchant is sent to live with his rustic uncle and cousins. The only smart one, sent as his replacement, embezzles all his father's money and flees, prompting the MC to call on the aid of the legendary Scottish outlaw Rob Roy.
My Comments: This book is a fun read, especially if you are 'into' the Scottish, or their landscape, at all, as I am. It would have placed higher on this list had the blurb on the back not revealed the whole plot.

No. 17
The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher  Paoloni

Simple Summary: A boy raises a dragon and discovers that the two of them are the last hope of their people
My Comments: The series borrows  extensively and evidently (per appearances) from the greatest quest series, LOTR. (Not surprising; the author was my age when first published). The series got better as he got older, but I'm afraid the final book will be full of conflict-wrap cliches. I will read it just to find out.:D

No. 16
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Simple Summary: A poor girl is raised by her rich cousins. She makes friends, everyone falls in love.
My Comments: I actually enjoyed this book once I got started. The end bothered me a bit though. See no. 21 for the rest.

No. 15
Around The World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

Simple Summary: In the 1800s, a wealthy man wagers against his friends that he can successfully circumnavigate the globe in 80 days.
My Comments: 80 days is one of the most fun books I have read. It is riddled with ironic comic relief, and is, as you can see, my favorite work by Verne (due to the humor)

No. 14
The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

Simple Summary: A generous English noble and his followers rescue French nobles from the French Riegn of Terror
My comments: This book is similar to The Three Musketters in notable ways. It is a lot of fun and sometimes very funny.

No. 13
The Three Musketteers  triolgy by Alexandre Dumas

Simple Summary: Four great swordsmen of the king's guard must foil the plans of the corrupt, worldly, Cardinal.
My Comments: The best part is the interaction between the musketeers. My personal favorite is Porthos. The other books are Twenty Years After and The Man In the Iron Mask.

No. 12
The Waverley novels by Walter Scott

Simple Summary: During the Jacobite rebellions, a sympathetic British noble fights alongside the Scots.
My Comments: Though tedious in parts, Waverley is actually an excellent story. The climax and wrap-up have great similarity to Braveheart, and are better.

No. 11
The Leatherstocking Tales by James. F. Cooper

Simple Summary: A backswoodsman and his two Indian friends battle enemies and guide friends during the earliest period of American expansion.
My Comments: Any stereotype of the 'noble savage' was perpetuated and perhaps begun by these books. LOM is another book that leaves you depressed at a sad ending. In fact, the closing pages of LOM are indelible. Excellent adventure stories.

No. 10
The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Simple Summary: A man wrongly imprisoned for fourteen years gains a vast fortune and uses it for revenge.
My Comments: Though I enjoy the story (the MC is still likeable at the end, in a sad way), I never realized just how tedious it was to read aloud until I began doing so. As I said before, do not read the complete novel unless you hate plot twists. (btw, the full version could be rated R)

No. 9
Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace

Simple Summary: In the time of Christ, a Jewish merchant is struck with terrible misfortunes until he truly accepts Christ.
My Comments: I saw the film first, so I remember that better, but was excited to discover how accurate it turned out to be. Descriptions in the book can be tedious, though.

Ivanhoe by Walter Scott

Simple Summary: A knight returns from the Crusades in the time of king John to champion justice and find love.
My Comments: Ivanhoe is the medieival adventure story. Many memorable parts make it timeless. Richard III, Robin Hood, nefarious nobles, and both tragic and heroic heroes all in one story. One of the most fun ever.
The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Simple Summary: A man wrongly imprisoned for fourteen years gains a vast fortune and uses it for revenge.
My Comments: Though I enjoy the story (the MC is still likeable at the end, in a sad way), I never realized just how tedious it was to read aloud until I began doing so. As I said before, do not read the complete novel unless you hate plot twists. (btw, the full version could be rated R)

The Master And Commander series by Partick O'Brian

Simple Summary: The series follows the adventures of a British naval officer (Jack Aubrey) and his friend, the ship's surgeon, (Stephen Maturin) who is really a spy for naval inteligence) during the time of Napoleon.
My Comments: The series in general is excellent, but there are reasons why they are adult books instead of YA. The best book is the first (Master & Commander), the worst probably The Far Side of the World ( which is, ironically, the one made into a film...)

No. 6
Gods & Generals/The Killer Angels/The Last Full Measure by Michael & Jeff Sharra

Simple Summary: Tells the story of the American Civil War, beginning before the beginning and ending after the end, from inside the heads of USA and CSA officers who were really present.
My Comments: The best historical fiction I have read, far and away. In fact, they are so believeable that I was continually citing them as if they were really, undeniably, true as written. :D

No. 5
Redwall by Brian Jacques

Simple Summary: A mouse must search for a legendary sword to save his home from an evil rat warlord.
My Comments: 1. You think I'm crazy, don't you? 2. Having read that these were my favorite books from age 9-15, you think you underestimated my insanity.:D 3. The hares are rofl funny, the badgers are awesome (and suicidal), the best villians are the last and the first, the plots are all the same, I have Redwall posters on my wall, and you still think I'm crazy. :D

No. 4
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Simple Summary: In a place called Middle-Earth, a being known as a hobbit joins 13 dwarves and a wizard on a quest to slay a dragon.
My Comments: This book is hilarious throughout. The opening especially puts me in stitches. A must - read

No. 3
The Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov

Simple Summary: 3000 years in the future, a man establishes a new civilization destined to save the galaxy fron barbarism.
My Comments: If you enjoy sci-fi, these books are absolute must reads. I have never read such brilliantly twisty books. My mistake, there are actually 7 books, 4 of which I was not aware of until recently.

No. 2
Les Miserable by Victor Hugo

Simple Summary: This book is kind of hard to summarize in a line or two. 1000 pages of two entirely seperate (until the conclusion) and equally well-written story-lines. Involves a reformed convict millionare and a late-blooming Bonapartist (not the same generation) who meet over a girl.
My comments: I could hardly put this story down. Everyone was interesting. It was very satisfying. I liked how each of the enormous chapters was sub-divided for easier pausing.
No. 1!
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Simple Summary: With the help of various races of Middle-Earth, a nephew of #3's MC must travel to the center of the empire of the Dark Lord Sauron to destroy his power once and for all.
My Comments: Simply. Insanely. Awesome.

"Ride now to ruin and the world's ending!"-Eomer, ROTK
All book cover images found on Google.
I challenge each of my followers to make a favorites list of real books they have read, as long as possible up to 25! They'll be awesome to see!


Books Meme

Imogen tagged me with this meme. (I still don't get why it's called that). It's all about literature! Which is great! 'Cause I'm addicted to reading! :D. Anyway, here are my answers:

Novels I'm Currently Reading
The Count Of Monte Cristo (abridged) by Alexandre Dumas*
note: I suggest that you NOT read the complete version of the above novel. I have it, and it is twice as long and often anti-climactic as concerns twists...

Novels I've Enjoyed Recently
The Gettysburg trilogy: (for lack of  a better name) Gods And Generals, The Killer Angels, and The Last Full Measure by Michael & Jeff Sharra
The Foundation trilogy: Foundation, Foundation And Empire, and Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Novels I'd Like To Read
The rest of the Austen canon
Inheritance by Christopher Paoloni (only because I read the first three)
Almost anything else if people don't mind leaving suggestions

My Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi

My Favorite Authors
J.R.R Tolkien, Brian Jacques, Alexandre Dumas, Walter Scott, Patrick O'Brian

My Favorite Series
The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Redwall by Brian Jacques
The Master & Commander series by Patrick O'Brian
The Three Musketteers trilogy by Alexandre Dumas
The Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paoloni

My Favorite Novels
The Count Of Monte Cristo by Dumas
Ivanhoe by Walter Scott
The Hobbit by Tolkien
The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baronness Orczy

*Books and authors are listed in descending order of likedness. This is the seventh time I have read The Count Of Monte Cristo
Stay tuned for my list of the 25 favorite/best literature I've read!


Inside Their Heads: My Characters, part 2

Due to how much farther along we are in the story, I decided it was time to dive inside the heads of a couple of the newer characters. Their bios are actually pretty simple...

King Torlan of Gairbairia
Torlan is powerful, stubborn, and more than a little, shall we say, 'egotistical'. He rules the people with a benevolent iron fist, and, not surprisingly, commands their total loyalty. He is nearing 50 years of age, having ruled since he was as young as king Valun (25). Ten years prior to the related events, he lead a short war against his Eastern neighbors, primarily to capture the border city of Trepalenmar.He strives for personal honor above all things and believes that if one can not win, one must die in battle. He has a son, who has moderate physical deformites. For this, Torlan secretely moved the boy elsewhere and decreed that his daughter was his heir. (He no longer wonders about his son at all). Pardon me for not imagining him. Ther best model for Torlan is Theoden.

Railon is an athletically fit knight of Gairbairia who has a rather wide adventurous streak. Due to this streak, he has traveled extensively, especially in the East. He joined particular sides in various wars (always in aide of the just right) and proved to be a formidable commander and fighter. In his travels, he was given the epitats 'the golden man' , '(the supreme being)'s strong right arm' , and by enemies, '(the supreme being)'s vengeful golden messenger' As shown, he will take risks where he can get them. He thinks like Richard of Corridane, enjoying fun and flair but serious when necessary. He is in his mid-thirties. He, also, plaes great store on honor, but has more sense than...spoiler alert if you haven't met him yet...Torlan. Railon is Torlan's younger brother.


A Trailer Video

The video above is from The Scarlet Pimpernel. He is more desperate for people to spread this video than I was for people to read my story...:D. I know most of you already follow his movie blog, but in case you haven't seen it already, he is calling on everyone to turn this into a viral video... haha. And that means embedding on your blogs so your followers see it too. And of course he'd appreciate it if you were also to link back to his site and then ask your followers to pass it on... (We hope to see it turn up in Austrailia soon...:D)



As of now, there is a large fire burning just over the mountains south of us. We personally are in no danger yet. It has been reported to be 3500 acres wide. If you want to find it, Google Earth 'Tehachapi' and move about 2 miles or so south.  That's the news from fire country.


A Non-Update

This is a reverse update to inform anyone, especially my listed followers, who reads this post, if anyone cares, that I expect to be very inactive in the blogosphere for an indefinate amount of time. This is due to my needing to buckle down to my homework and stay focused. Alright, the followers have spoken, or have remained silent, which applies better to my point. I believe that you are busy, and I don't hope to see you returning to the site every two days to see if anything is new... haha. But when I see that JT's Tales has gradually lost all it's readers, except for The Scarlet Pimpernel, who, being a good friend of mine, is probably still reading partly because of that, it tells me that I don't write an interesting, or entertaining, story. Therefore, I am suspending JT's Tales, and will not post the rest of the story, while still completing it, until further notice. I am writing the story as a hobby, but saw no reason to write it if no one was going to read it. Thus, I started JT's Tales, for the eventual purpose of posting The Price Of A Throne. But now I am freezing it, unless someone besides the Pimpernel comments to the contrary. Thank you everyone. May you reign long and well.

Strengh! Wisdom! Justice!

p.s. I am working on an x-number best books list, which I will post when I have it in order.


Mad Libs #2

Excuse me for my lack of originality, but since I haven't recently done anything but return my new shoes for second time, I felt like posting this:

Being A Clone Commander, By A Clone Commander

So you'd like to lead a squadron of clock troopers? Well, it's not all fun and leopards fighting the bad insects; it's also really shiny work. For one thing, you always have to be on your game, on the lookout for anything slanted 24-40. You're on call morning, noon, and toaster. You might be dancing peacefully, when suddenly your Jedi Knight's boring voice comes shouting out of nowhere, commanding you to battle radiators immediately. When you've been snapping in battles as long as I have, you learn three very important things. First thing to remember: The cloud always comes first. Second, if you get captured, keep your lung shut. Third, and most striped, expirience outranks everything. Keep these three shrunken things in mind, and your squadron will slyly respect your hole.

And now, if you would be so kind, please catch up to JT's Tales. (We're on chapter 8)


A Blog Award

The authors of JandJ Productions have awarded me the above award...:D (thank you, everyone, it's so nice to be here today...:D). Now I get to say seven totally random things about myself in a totally random order...:D.
1. The third and fourth fingers on each of my hands are fused together (as are my ankles and, partially, my collarbone)
2. Due to my closed-mouth style, I could be standing face to face with you, whistling loudly, and you'd still turn around and ask where the sound was coming from before finding out...:D
3. I once ate nine eggs in one breakfast, and was still hungry.
4. I'd do practically anything within reason for Reese's Peanut butter & chocolate candy.
5. I enjoy performing, but get stage fright in an organized setting, no matter how hard I practice.
6. One of my hobbies is archery, and I use a bow taller than I am myself.
7. I have openly dared anyone to spread anything edible on a banana, and watch as I eat it with relish...:D (On my own account, I have tried such things as Mayonaise, BBQ sauce, and Ranch dressing...)

Lastly, I am expected to award this award to five deserving followers, but since I have only four followers besides jandj, they get it by default.:D 


Mad Libs (Clone Wars style) #1

I asked, and got one yes... and one 'what are you talking about?',after which I explained in a posted titled 'An explanation of Mad L:ibs'. What follows is what I was talking about. (The words in bold type are the ones I inserted) I will not be posting all my MLs. Just the funniest ones.

'Watching Anikin Grow Up, By Obi-Wan Kenobi'

"When I first met Anikin, he was no more than a little stuffed toy. He was very force-sensitive, but he seemed too rough to become a Jedi Knight. Boy, was I miniscule! In just a few short tubes, Anikin has proven himself to be a square Jedi radio. Now he's even training his own cell phone. He may be a reluctant teacher, but he's doing it stupidly. He and his elastic Padawan, Ahsoka, fight side by coat hanger as if they've been doing it for years. They also know how to laugh together, which is important for building a frozen relationship between Master and learner. In every task he's taken on in the Clone Wars, Anikin's been brave and confused. I am pointlessly lucky to teach him and to learn from him. One day, I'm sure he'll be the most octogonal Jedi in the entire spotlight. (but let's just keep that between us. We don't want his artery getting too big!)


Inside Their Heads: My Characters, Section One

As you might have guessed, this is yet another supplement to The Price Of A Throne that I have only recently put together. I thought I should post it before we get much farther along in the story. Without further ado, my characters:

King Valun III
The fifth of his house (and 11th overall) to rule Corridane, Valun (VA-lun) is not at ease as king. He is obsessive about retaining the loyalty of his subjects, and is likewise and consequentially desperate to be sure that everything he does is fualtless. Though he quickly learned to hide the fact, he was permanantly truamatized by Damrod's betrayal and his (Valun's) subsequent exile.
Notable Note: He is only the second of the 11 rulers (ten kings + Damrod) to clearly exceed six feet in height (the previous one was Valun I, the Great)

Sir Richard the Lion*
Valun's closest friend, Richard is naturally a perpetually cheerful, fun-loving 'dude' with a flair for drama and the fight. He is never without his blade, and is seldom far from his helm. He considers improving one's fighting skill the best use of one's time, and practices what he preaches (he is the BEST swordfighter alive in Corridane). He was called 'the lion' by the others due to his bright red hair (which is closer to orange...if you're not sure quite what it looks like, imagine William Wallace's hair on steroids...:D)
Notable Note: The plume on Richard's helm comes from Valun's own black charger

Sir Robert the Ram*
Robert is headstrong and stubborn. He was the voice of reason/realism during the four friends' time in exile. Though often antaganistic, he shows a quiet confidence which easily convinces men to follow him. He is, and considers himself to be, more of a respectful follower of Valun rather than a true friend. He has always been skeptical of John's motives. He is also at odds with Richard's natural cheerfulness, but still respects him as an equal.
Notable Note: If he had the gear, Robert could bench-press 375 pounds with ease, due to years of  work in the Ronaieran mines.

Sir John of the Rock
John is enigmatic, clever, and longs to estalish himself on a pinnacle as high as Valun's. He is also animpulsive actor who often has little use for others' opinions. He has always preferred Richard's company over that of the others (but that does not mean he is strong with a blade). Ironically, he is easily influenced by the opinions of others.
Notable Note: Don't lose track of him

*Richard and Robert actually followed Valun into exile at the urging of their fathers, who were staunch supporters of Valun II, and in consequence later executed by Damrod.


An Explanation Of Mad Libs

As you are all aware, I am currently asking everyone whether I can post Mad Libs which I have completed. But some of you have indicated that you don't know what I am talking about. So now I will explain. Mad Libs are the word games for people who hate word games (My description, not theirs). Mad Libs can be played by any number of players or just one. They are a collection of stories which are only one, sometimes two, paragraphs long, the common theme of which you will find on the cover of your Mad Libs game.
What makes Mad Libs so fun is this: In any given one of the stories in your ML game, a random number of spaces, in a random order, are BLANK. The blanks are labeled underneath with  'part of speech (i.e. verb)', 'part of the body', 'name of person in room' (sometimes specified further as 'male' or female'), 'place', and sometimes 'number'. The labels show what sort of word they expect a person to place in that particular space. Another twist is that one is expected to avoid looking at the title (or revealing it if there are multiple players) until all the blanks have been filled. The games are designed so that a person playing by themselves should see the title, but not the story, until all the blanks have been filled. In multi-player games there is one person who can see the story and fills in the blanks, and is consequentially NOT allowed to suggest words that should be used. When the blanks are filled, the writer reads the story, and the players will either be bored to death, surprised, or even possibly lose control of themselves laughing at their own choice of words in the context of the story. Mad Libs can be found in bookstores and tourist stops, and there are about thirty to  forty different themes  last I saw. That should answer everything you never knew you wanted to know about Mad Libs games, and I hope you enjoy mine.:D


My Blog Award (the nobility award)

The oversized image above is the blog award I have been saying I would release for months. Unlike most blog awards, this one does not require anyone to do anything :D. All I ask is that if you follow JT's Tales, you put this image on your sidebar. Savvy? (p.s. if you take it, you'll probably have to shrink it on your own editing program to make it fit.)



As you might've guessed, my life has been pretty boring recently. I'm telling you that for lack of anything better to type. I only have about three weeks to go before senior year starts, and I am stuck in the quagmire of uselessness (also known as having no clue what one is going to do with one's life). Don't get me wrong. I've been feeling this way throughout high school, and I'm still alive, so I must be ok. I really don't know what to do. I recently discovered that I need to get my priorities straight if I want to even try getting into the only college I had hope for, and I still don't know where I'm gonna go from there, anyway. I read The Last Full Measure in about three days, and now I once again can not think of anything to read. I haven't even added anything to Price Of A Throne in at least three days. Unheard of! I'm not asking for any suggestions, because I can't expect people thousandsa of miles away to be able to help. I must say, though, it's pretty hard to maintain a blog covering one's life, when, socially and eventfully speaking, one rarely has a life in the first place. I'm trapped in a fantasy in which my life could be the sort of thing Hollywood pounces on, but there's an impassable gulf between now and the happy family life I hope for known as the college years, not mention the fact that I can't imagine what sort of job I could possibly get. As I often say to myself: Keep it simple, stay motivated, and don't forget!
p.s. remember, I'm not really motivated. Therein lies the problem...;)


An Update On the Last Post

Thanks everyone. We're both fine as of now. But if you would, please join me in asking that we both heal completely. My dad hasn't come home yet, though. I hope you'll pardon me for trying to maintain a level of privacy, this being a public site and all, but I can say my hearing is supposed to be improved now. Thanks again, and God bless.

(Just so you know I'm back to normal, somebody tell jandjproductions that JT/King Valun scores the LOTR trilogy at 9/10, 12/10, and 15/10, respectively, in that order.:D Our computers have gone haywire and I can't comment on anyone else's site.:D0


A Request... I'm Worried

I know, I don't do this often... I'm a novice... Anyway, this is a request that everyone please pray for us. I believe in the power... My dad and I are both going into surgery tomorrow... Thanks everyone.



I know you've all been waiting breathlessly to see what I would post next... haha joke on myself... anyway, I'm back. And I'm here to post some random notes. I hadn't posted recently 'cause I didn't think I had any material. But then I got some more and decided to put it all together in a post of randomness. I must seriously be the most self-concious and indecisive owner of a personal digital camera you'll ever know anything about, because I never have any pics to go with my posts... :D. Recently, My dad and I competed in a horseshoe tournament, organized and made successful by nearly everyone we know, which was a fundraiser for the convent in the mountains on the edge of town. (We lost. We don't last long.) I, of course, do not have any pics.;D Another thing we did was to see Cars 2 in the theater. It was fun to watch, but not great. As you probably already know, it amounts to 'James Bond spoof meets NASCAR' I'm not saying more about it. Yesterday, I had a friend over to hang out. We played Carcassone and did a 'spoofiest of all spoof videoes' clip which I will post here as soon as I get the polished (as much as possible) version back from The Scarlet Pimpernel. Today, I caught my brother up a tree. The wierd one I profiled on his birthday last month. I'd been hearing stories for a month about his climbing prowess, but had never actually seen him myself until today. And I have pics to prove it.
My mistake I thought I could turn the image. You won't see him in this pic
The tree. If you look closely, you'll see him
And now, some final random thoughts: My new favorite snack is 'Peanut butter parfait' (Peanut butter +Yoghurt = presto!) And, was anyone able to completely comprehend King Valun's (VA-lun) handwriting in the last chapter on JT's Tales? Those letters are crucial to the plot. Last but not least, (I don't know how it got there, really) the image that I mean to use for the blog award I plan to give out is finally on a posting computer! Not long now!


Drawing William Wallace (a.k.a Mel Gibson) Part One

The photo above, as you can clearly see, shows an original screencap from Braveheart, on the front insert of the film score, on the right, and my attempt to recreate the image on the left. My version is laughable. I overcompensated for the lighting, which resulted in what my dad described as 'a pile of dirt' on Wallace's head. And man is that sunburn bad!:D Anyway, I'm going to be doing similar tracings as often as I can... so does my image look very much like the original, somewhat like it, or is it just bad (in politespeak, 'it could be better'):)


Movies+ Pool

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over to hang out, more or less. The stated reason was so we could watch Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. So we loaded it in, and contrary to our original expectations, watched the whole thing in one sitting. I know some of you might beg to differ, but I did not really enjoy it. My suspicions that Jack Sparrow and the score would really be the only worthwhile elements were confirmed. It was a relief to discover that Jack still acts like a bad pirate half the time (Holds grudges, fights and argues unfairly, drinks a lot). Anyway, I won't say the movie was more than moderately entertaining.
Later, we played chess (My friend is an excellent chess player and I am awful, so of course I eventually resigned). Next we played Perudo, which is a surprisingly fun dice game in which every player in turn guesses the quantity of a certain number on the dice of those on the table, until somebody doubts the previous bet. The dice are revealed, and the mistaken player loses a die. In the final game, due to a sudden attack of vertigo, I neglected to look at my last die before doubting my brother's bet. As a result, I discovered that I had been rolled in the back by my own die, which showed the number in question. I could not have won anyway, but why is too long to explain here.
Last, we played pool. Out of five games, my friend won four times. I won only when he pocketed the '8' ball four shots after the break.
Also, my mom surprised me with an Irish songbook containing music and lyrics to 75 different songs. Nearly all of which were arranged, adapted, written, and/or sung by the Clancy Brothers, my favorite folk singers.


Title And Synopsis

I just 30 seconds ago released the title and synopsis of my next, biggest, and best, work on JT's Tales. Please go follow 'Tales' if you aren't already and spread that post around. (I know, my constant repetitions that I need help getting followers is not the done thing, but I'm pretty desperate.) Thanks anyway.


Home Alone

Yes, we're home alone. Yesterday evening, my parents left for the weekend. They drove up to San Francisco so my mom could take lessons on how to bake bread (as if she's not good enough already...:D). Meanwhile, I, my sister, and my two younger brothers are, as you might have guessed... NOT partying! :D. We're maintaining our usual itinerary, which is... nothing. My mom did say I was allowed to invite friends over, though, so I will try, but I doubt that they will come. Last night, each of us ate most of a new personal pint of ice cream.:D We've done that three times now.... I am going to do nothing all weekend except work on the stories that I post on JT's Tales. Did I tell you I'm going to start posting a new one soon? It is frustrating that there is some confusion over whether we will get to Mass on Sunday, because no-one we know has four seats to spare, but believe me, I tried. I am currently working on a tracing of a picture of William Wallace from the Braveheart soundtrack. When it's complete, I'll post it. That's all for now.


The World's Weirdest Brother (Besides me)

Today is my youngest brother's 10th birthday (I think... Darn not being able to count...:D). This particular brother is an extreme  green-living radical, who insists, at ten years old, that he's not going to college. The only thing he really pays any attention to is his album full of old American coins which he shoves in the face of every visitor who comes by. Compared to most of our family, he's freakishly athletic. This includes being strong enough to carry his older brother who is the same size, and do somersaults on our trampoline, which the rest of us don't even think of trying. At one time, he was capable of balancing himself on his hands and doing 300 push-ups in less than ten minutes, which I'm sure isn't bad. He does dangerous things just because we tell him not to, because he's 'a rebel who plays by his own rules'.
A couple (or three, or a few) funny quotes from him:
  1. On the making of Jurrasic Park: "Did they put frog DNA in the camera?"
 Ok, I can only remember one, but there's where that came from, eventually...
He also harbors some pretty strange theories. Such as the idea that FDR, LBJ, and possibly JFK, are often named by their initials because they favored melting down silver coinage.
His life ambition? To build a rocket to Mars entirely out of lithium, powered entirely by paper-based biomass. Or at least it was until recently. As soon as I can, i will post you an image of tonight's garishly decorated cake. gotta go.


Family Tree

At the moment, my grandma is working on a huge, poster-size chart that covers my ancestors six generations back. Why am I telling you this? Because it's something to talk about, and I enjoy talking! It's really pretty cool. we think we won't be able to finish it all, but we'll give it our best shot. We're starting on the third generation now. Anyway, that's a bit of news. I said I would google some names, so I gotta run. Does anybody else out there enjoy knowing the names of the 200 people who came before them?


Guess What?

Believe it or not, I'm doing it again. No, not what you probably think. In fact, there are probably about four or five different possibilities running through your mind at this moment. I won't say any of them are wrong, because of course I don't even know if you're going to read this post...:D I'm posting... drum toll, please,... because it's someone's birthday again! My grandma, who lives on our property in her own little house, has reached yet another birthday. Tell you what, just keep trying to combine 8 and 7. Eventually, you'll get it. Yes, I shout about everybody's birthdays here on my blog, even my dog's...(nervous laugh). Well, that's about it for today. If anything else out of ordinary occurs anytime soon, you'll find out about that too, because that's what bloggers blog about... haha very funny... not... I've got nothing more to say at the moment, so now I'll leave.


Rescue Me!

I am stuck. I am stuck in Summer vacation with nothing worth reading at hand. So, seeing as I find myself unable to determine what I should read this year,  I put the question to my brilliant nobles of Corridane, who I am sure have some suggestions. I will find and read just about anything you put out there to pass the time. Just don't suggest Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,the Three Musketeers trilogy, The Deerslayer, The Pathfinder, The Pioneers, The Last Of the Mohicans, The Prairie, any of the 20 Master & Commander books, or anything by Mark Twain. I want to see some new stuff. The above list has carried me through since I was 15, and now I'm stuck. (p.s. besides the above, I have also read, believe or not, Pride & Prejudice).
 And now, I will include two questions from the book tag that I found on the blog all that is gold.
  1. (2.) What was your favorite book at the age of 9 or 13, whichever one you remember best? My answer would have to be Brian Jacques's Redwall series, at both ages.
  2. (3.) What's your earliest memory of reading or being read to? as far back as i can remember is when my dad read The Hobbit to us when I was about seven or eight.
  3. I will answer question no. 1 when I determine what my answer is.


Have To Admit... I'm Just Venting...

Well, I hope you people find it hard to believe, but I've just experienced one of those times when my world has come crashing down around my ankles. The day didn't start well in the first place. I was tense and had underslept to try and finish some work for school, which was extra important because this is the last day of school (11th grade) for me. So anyway, I got it done, but still showed up at class five minutes late. Big deal, we're known for lateness. History today consisted of nothing but an in-class essay. Believe it or not, I did not discover until i was in class that I had showed up without paper to write the essay on! So I had to call my mom, and then sit and 'twiddle my thumbs' until mom showed up with a stack of papers, after which time I got to work. half an hour later, i had completed five not-so-good pages on the history of U.S. foreign policy. Fast forward to this afternoon, on the way to an independent literature class, my mom and I simultaneously discover, that though I passed History and English, I have still failed 11th grade due to a lack of completion in courses like P.E. , Personal development, and Spanish, which are generally so simple that one has plenty of time to pass them... So... I'm doomed to five years of school... gotcha... I was already going to be kept in school that long...

And then later this evening, after trying to sleep off the depression the rest of the day had pushed me into, i tried to work things out by indulging in my other, sporadic, hobby, archery. Wouldn't you know it, i did not fail to lose all my arrows in the weeds in the span of five tries. bad day, or what? Now I'm gonna be mad all week...


Another Triple -Persona Tag

 King Valun and the Phantom will not appear in any more tags after this one. they restrict my choice of questions too much.
 You must use one fictional character and one historical character to answer this tag.

1. What epithet do you think/hope your friends/followers apply to you? ('followers' applies to fictional characters only, just in case)
JT: the Understanding
King Valun: the loyal/honorbound
The Phantom: the Irritating.

2. Do you have a right-hand man/friend/brother/sister?
JT: Do I have to name just one?
King Valun: My man David
The Phantom: No. I am my own right-hand man.

3. What is honor?
JT: Behaving like a... Gaah! I don't know how to explain in original terms!
King Valun: Being able to be proud of one's past and confident in one's future, for a man without honor is a man without a future or a past.
The Phantom: Being the leader of everyone else.

4. If you were a shape, you would be a...
JT: A circle, for trying to just roll with 'it'.
King Valun: A square. For honor.
The Phantom: A triangle, for it's sharp edges... (evil laugh)

5. What should you be/are you famous for?
JT: Being me. And whistling undetectably.
King Valun: That i did not hesitate to do that which had to be done.
The Phantom: My reign of terror.
No. 6 has been flagged as a stupid question. feel free to replace it.

7. What do you do most often, besides nothing?
JT: write
King Valun: Fight the good fight and rule the good rule.
The Phantom: Scare people.

8. Is there something about you that even your sidekick (see question 2) doesn't know?
JT: If I haven't told them, I'm not telling you. It's not time yet.
King Valun: that he is a better man than I.
The Phantom: no.

9. What's the most dangerous thing you remember doing?
JT: I've done plenty of things that I thought were dangerous, but don't remember ever actually doing anything dangerous.
King valun: Marching to war on an assumption.
*The phantom: (At this moment, Will cantrell jumps through the window,sword drawn. The Phantom ignores the question and fights.)

10. What bothers you most?
JT: Not seeing anyone criticizing my writing.
King Valun: (crosses over to the duel, grabs Cantrell and the Phantom, and tosses them out the window, one after the other.) Unnecessary noise.

11. What do you like best about where you live?
JT: That it is home, and most of my favorite people live here too.
King Valun: That I am king.

12. What are you best at?
JT:: Failing to be funny.
King Valun: following, as you might say, my gut, and not to the table.

13. Somebody offers you ten bucks or a pancake. You say...
JT: (buzzer goes off signaling loss of choice)
King Valun: Oh, ten bucks, of course. Now I just need some does... What's a pancake, anyway?

14. Are you tired of this tag?
Both: Almost... Maybe...

15. Where would you rather be?
JT: With my friends.
King Valun: Where I am needed.

16. What mood do you like best in music?
JT: bouncy
King Valun: Marches fit for a king.

17. What is the weirdest thing you own?
JT: A model Ford Mustang that sings 'come on and take a free ride!'
King Valun: My crown: It is the ugliest thing you'll ever see. what a bad idea...

18. What's the most harmless thing people can startle you with?
JT: Disembodied chicken legs, sometimes.
**King Valun: Pointless questions like the 17 I just answered.

Cantrell and the phantom suddenly run across the room, shouting madly. The questioner keels over in shock, David appears to call King Valun away, and I leave the room as if nothing has happened.
*If possible, please do not get rid of either of your fictional characters mid-tag. But if you do find that they are too narrow-minded, feel free to use the arch-nemesis escape route.
** Also, please try to avoid using any form of 'stupid questions' at the end. My character got tired of answering.