Anticipation is Killing Me!

I'm back. In moderation. I've been abstaining from the internet behemoth because I realized how much real life it was sapping away.
All I've done recently is write. I have also taken up archery practice again now that warmer weather has arrived. I'm working away as fast as I can at the second draft of The Price of a Throne. In addition I have now begun to attempt to work out a new story that depicts what the world will be like in 2070 or so. It is NOT a 1984 rip-off, but has the same idea behind it.
There are too many cool movies coming out this year, and I don't know if I will actually see them all.

42: The story of Jackie Robinson
4-star anticipation because I'm a fan of the Dodgers. But because of the trailblazer story, it deserves 3-star anticipation from every baseball fan who doesn't cheer for San Francisco.

Iron Man 3
3-star anticipation for a simple reason that will make you marvelites mad. I just want to see Stark's stuff blow up on the big screen. Besides that, it's just to find out what made him wind up in a snowbank after dark with a busted suit.

Monster's University
2 stars. I am a hardcore fan of Pixar, but their last two releases were unworthy of the reputation that caused our fandom. Monster's Inc., being one of their two best works, is also the sort of story that works better if you don't try to extend or explain it. I'll be tracking critical reception and it had better be as funny as the original or I will give up on the brand.

Man of Steel
4 stars because Superman has always been my favorite super. Also because the movie simply looks awesome.

Thor: The Dark World
3 stars just because his archaic labels for other people crack me up. Also, Patrick Doyle's score for the original is one of my few 5-star ratings. Not to mention Thor looks and acts just like one of my novel characters, whom I dreamed up before I knew of a Thor movie.

Ender's Game
1 star. I'm interested because I read the book, but probably won't see it in the end because the books they are using are full of middle schoolers spouting gangster slang self-respecting people wouldn't allow in their house. Society being what it is though, every occurrence is sure to be in the script. Ben Kingsley's character is a spoiler and Harrison Ford will be the Battle School commander.

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Finally! 5 stars! Nothing will keep me away from this one, but I will be kicking myself for going if it is only so-so like the first installment. They will have to have dreamed up something bigger than epic because they've already used up Smaug's big flashback. On the other side, the "present time" portion of the story promises several long-lasting laughs.