Movie Challenge Part Two

Last time I forgot to mention that I got this from JandJ. I would never start this myself.
No.6  Favorite Comedy

Why not? Honestly, it's been so long since I saw a comedy I can't really judge any others against it.

No. 7 A Movie That Makes You Happy
For various reasons, we were raised on Disney movies, so I have a long list. One is:

No. 8 A Movie That Makes You Sad

Definately. This is a great movie. Pickett's Charge has to be one of the three most depressing incidents in American history.

No.9 A Movie You Have Practically Memorized

'What we really need is some good taters.'
'What's taters?'

No. 10 Favorite Director
Peter Weir (Master & Commander:Far Side of the World)
In M&C, they obliterated the namesake novel (which was the roughest patch out of 20) and wrote a story that compares well enough with the character of the other 19 novels.


Movie Challenge Part One

No. 1 My favorite movie
In my opinion, this needs no explanation.

No. 2 The last movie I watched
We are big fans of Pixar and this one of our favorites.  We've watched it so many times the tape is detoriorating.There ought to be a 'door chase' roller coaster somewhere.

No. 3 Favorite action/adventure movie
I consider the slash to signify an and/or distinction, so this spot is filled by The Fellowship of the Ring, because it qualifies as a 'road movie' better than its sequels.

No. 4 Favorite horror movie
I don't really have an answer to this. The only scary movie I have seen is Jurrassic Park.

No. 5 Favorite Drama
About 85% of Braveheart. The stuff we skipped over had no effect on the awesomeness of the rest of it. And yes, I really do consider epics dramas.


On Writing, Thor and the Avengers, and School...

Has the abundance of 'smartphones', which are really only pocket computers these days, caused everyone to forget how much fun it is to actually write to other people? Granted, I don't write many letters myself, but that's mainly because I can now reach, and actually see, the guys I used to write to with a click of the button by the use of that handy videoconferencing app, Skype.:D Nevertheless, whether you have Skype or not, writing letters is still worth your time, simply because it's fun to get something in the post besides bills or scrap paper demanding that you buy overpriced electronics... Surely that's how everyone else feels about it to.

The last part of my draft- style JT's Tales story is finally coming together. I may have mentioned that this has been a WIP for two and a half years, so I'm very happy that I can see the end clearly. It's far from readable, though. Desperately needs a few more chapters on 'Big K' early on... I struggle to explain the plot, so it's no surprise if it makes no sense to you.

I watched Thor weeks ago, so I can't explain why I'm mentioning it again now, except that I feel like mentioning it now. In retrospect, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did. The only snag is that it is what it is, which is a brightly colored comic book acted out. Also, my view of Thor himself was tilted as soon as he spoke. Not being prepared for the guy's deep voice, I assumed he was trying too hard to sound archaic and hulky, which lowered my appreciation of the story considerably. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.

On the same track, soon after I heard about the strong reviews all the Marvel films were getting, and found out that The Avengers was in production, I abruptly found myself counting the days just as eagerly as any Marvel fan probably is. I keep Batman on an equal level with Marvel, though. Honestly, as good as it sounds, I'm beginning to think it possible :D that The Avengers may not turn out great after all. The screen time demands of seven different heroes may drag down their side of the story so that Loki, his alien army, and whoever else is involved emerge as the most memorable elements short of streets full of exploding cars. Nevertheless, the prospect of exploding cars on the big screen seems oddly fun. I'm counting on anyone but Iron Man to save the day. Captain America and Thor will probably finish the job together. Maybe because they are the outsiders who don't belong in the time and space they're inhabiting.

Next Monday I start my last two semesters (possibly) of high school. My load's a lot lighter than it ever was before. Mainly 'cause I don't have to think about Government. (good riddance :D fewer essays). I don't know what I'll do when I get out. The first step is to be a shelf stocker or some such job. Maybe I'm supposed to be a writer... I hope.

I am a sporadic blogger. I can live with that, and I'm sure everyone else can too... :D