Mini-night of the Bizarro World

Why I am I saying this here? Gotta get it down somewhere or I'll forget what story there is. Anyway here goes. weirdness starts around midnight.

  • So, midnight. Discover that a good friend of mine who has expressed an aversion to using the phone has been prominently featured on local news proudly announcing the awesomeness of the HS football team, before the games have started. Not done, this being an example of a sure way to get everyone else stoked to beat yo into the ground. "who do they think they are?!"-every pep talk against our team this year... Weird point 1

  • Hours pass, can't sleep. Kill time reading book seven of Ranger's Apprentice* Eventually I do drop off to sleep. Experience awfully vivid dream (which disappears right away) involving myself as RA character discussing current affairs with the several other main characters. Eventually wake up out of that with my head full of intricate international hostage-transfer movement patterns from RA world, which makes absolute zero sense because nothing remotely like that has been written down in the books for me to remember. Also, wake up having identity crisis: Which world am I really in and where/who am I?-I count weirdness points 2,3, and 4
  • After rising from that, I got up and wandered aimlessly for ten minutes wondering whether I had glasses on and where I had put them. (normally I do, but due to recent events I don't but often think I might.) Due to the mindlessness of the wandering I count that as weird point 5
*Yes I've been reading Ranger's Apprentice novels recently. I could write a whole post on my low opinion of them. who knows, maybe I will after I finish number 12 in a few weeks. It is my developing opinion that although #7 is not bad at all, it should never have been written in the first place due to the judgement error that made it #7 instead of #5. Deflates a lot of the fun suspense.


Movie Tag, Favorites Edition

I have been tagged by Velvin to do a tag started by James Starslayer to celebrate one's favorite movies in no particular order. I will now comply with the tag.

1) Post James's video mashup of his one hundred (already?!) favorites. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we've tried twice and can't get the actual video to show up. All we get is code...

1 1/2: Tagging other bloggers is strictly optional, and I am always a dead end at tagging anyway.

2) list your favorite movies in no particular order

 *note: though this may be stunning to you, as you all know I am a hardcore Tolkien fan, but I do not appreciate the theatrical cuts of ROTK and AUJ. In ROTK I counted at least 12 death blows to the story, neither do I appreciate the flipping and mangling of AUJ, Theater edition. (Though if I tried to watch it simply as a funny movie I would like it better...). The two above, though, are good.

I like this movie. I have explained why more times than anyone cares to read the explanation.


 The rest of the Pixar universe is not on my list of favorites. As for the these, if you like them, you understand, if not, you don't.

 I have seen it censored, but that censored version is an awesome movie if you can look past the blatant historical inaccuricies people have pointed out.

 Narnia 1 is a fun movie we have seen almost ten times. (that's a lot in our house.)
However, I despise #2 and #3 was not great, so I can understand why they did badly, but I badly want a Horse and His Boy movie, and now we'll never get one!

 We finally borrowed it from a friend recently. I did not understand the level of awesome I was missing! We promptly watched it twice in two days. You've all seen it so no need to go on.

On my personal list, it's fairly low, but I have seen it three times and it was funnier each time, so I include it. 

An impressive movie from the days when stuntmen were stuntmen that did an impressive job of converting the book.

 For old time's sake. I had seen it ten times by the time I was 12. It's still fun, but now it's even cheesier.

It has hilarious moments and one of the better ending sequences. From the same Brad Bird who now makes films for Pixar (i.e. Incredibles)

One of those films that's hilarious and not so well-known, without many awkward moments unless you decide they're there to find.

Well, that's my list of favorites. I reached 18. Make of it what you will.