My Blog Award (the nobility award)

The oversized image above is the blog award I have been saying I would release for months. Unlike most blog awards, this one does not require anyone to do anything :D. All I ask is that if you follow JT's Tales, you put this image on your sidebar. Savvy? (p.s. if you take it, you'll probably have to shrink it on your own editing program to make it fit.)



As you might've guessed, my life has been pretty boring recently. I'm telling you that for lack of anything better to type. I only have about three weeks to go before senior year starts, and I am stuck in the quagmire of uselessness (also known as having no clue what one is going to do with one's life). Don't get me wrong. I've been feeling this way throughout high school, and I'm still alive, so I must be ok. I really don't know what to do. I recently discovered that I need to get my priorities straight if I want to even try getting into the only college I had hope for, and I still don't know where I'm gonna go from there, anyway. I read The Last Full Measure in about three days, and now I once again can not think of anything to read. I haven't even added anything to Price Of A Throne in at least three days. Unheard of! I'm not asking for any suggestions, because I can't expect people thousandsa of miles away to be able to help. I must say, though, it's pretty hard to maintain a blog covering one's life, when, socially and eventfully speaking, one rarely has a life in the first place. I'm trapped in a fantasy in which my life could be the sort of thing Hollywood pounces on, but there's an impassable gulf between now and the happy family life I hope for known as the college years, not mention the fact that I can't imagine what sort of job I could possibly get. As I often say to myself: Keep it simple, stay motivated, and don't forget!
p.s. remember, I'm not really motivated. Therein lies the problem...;)


An Update On the Last Post

Thanks everyone. We're both fine as of now. But if you would, please join me in asking that we both heal completely. My dad hasn't come home yet, though. I hope you'll pardon me for trying to maintain a level of privacy, this being a public site and all, but I can say my hearing is supposed to be improved now. Thanks again, and God bless.

(Just so you know I'm back to normal, somebody tell jandjproductions that JT/King Valun scores the LOTR trilogy at 9/10, 12/10, and 15/10, respectively, in that order.:D Our computers have gone haywire and I can't comment on anyone else's site.:D0


A Request... I'm Worried

I know, I don't do this often... I'm a novice... Anyway, this is a request that everyone please pray for us. I believe in the power... My dad and I are both going into surgery tomorrow... Thanks everyone.



I know you've all been waiting breathlessly to see what I would post next... haha joke on myself... anyway, I'm back. And I'm here to post some random notes. I hadn't posted recently 'cause I didn't think I had any material. But then I got some more and decided to put it all together in a post of randomness. I must seriously be the most self-concious and indecisive owner of a personal digital camera you'll ever know anything about, because I never have any pics to go with my posts... :D. Recently, My dad and I competed in a horseshoe tournament, organized and made successful by nearly everyone we know, which was a fundraiser for the convent in the mountains on the edge of town. (We lost. We don't last long.) I, of course, do not have any pics.;D Another thing we did was to see Cars 2 in the theater. It was fun to watch, but not great. As you probably already know, it amounts to 'James Bond spoof meets NASCAR' I'm not saying more about it. Yesterday, I had a friend over to hang out. We played Carcassone and did a 'spoofiest of all spoof videoes' clip which I will post here as soon as I get the polished (as much as possible) version back from The Scarlet Pimpernel. Today, I caught my brother up a tree. The wierd one I profiled on his birthday last month. I'd been hearing stories for a month about his climbing prowess, but had never actually seen him myself until today. And I have pics to prove it.
My mistake I thought I could turn the image. You won't see him in this pic
The tree. If you look closely, you'll see him
And now, some final random thoughts: My new favorite snack is 'Peanut butter parfait' (Peanut butter +Yoghurt = presto!) And, was anyone able to completely comprehend King Valun's (VA-lun) handwriting in the last chapter on JT's Tales? Those letters are crucial to the plot. Last but not least, (I don't know how it got there, really) the image that I mean to use for the blog award I plan to give out is finally on a posting computer! Not long now!