There is a zoo/museum a few miles outside Bakersfield, CA which is known as CALM, the California Living Museum. My family and I went down the hill to spend some time there on Thursday. Unfortunately, we had come at a bad time, when most of the animals were asleep. We did not have the time to stay very long anyway, but even so, I got what I wanted: some good pics of my favorite exhibits.

Pure Awesomeness

An American Badger, asleep

2 Golden Eagles (the second one is behind the leaves)

In the hole in this pic, you see two bears, a black and a brown, dozing (I said it was a bad time)

Scotland? Ireland? Bakersfield!

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  1. Very cool. I especially like the eagle. Pity though, that almost of the animals were sleeping. Still, your luckier then me:There doesn't seem to be many zoo's in Australia, there is no zoo within 5 hours drive of where I am!! I haven't been to a zoo in like 8 years!!!