Ping-Pong & Pizza

Yes, it's true. I'm back. So anyway, way back in December, as soon as my birthday celebration was over, my mom turns to me while making dinner and says "You should start having a game night every month. It'll be great."
and I said "Yeah, that would be so awesome. I'll try that." A few weeks go by, and then I start telling people that we'll do it in February. The day comes, I wear myself out making the house look respectable, and what do you know, no-one shows up or even calls to apologize. Lo and behold, I  had chosen a date and time when everyone was busy! but that ended alright,'cause my mom took me out for ice cream as consolation. So then, I let it slide, and a couple weeks later I start telling the same people "We're not doing it in March, (because of the trip to TAC I wrote about in my previous post) but the game night is on in April. Ping-Pong tournament." I was very clear about it. I must of told each of them at least twice, maybe four times. Lo and behold! On the final Friday night before the date I chose, I discover that NONE OF THEM TOLD THEIR MOMS! HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET THERE, THEN? So the day (Yesterday) comes, I wear myself out cleaning the house, again, and this time... surprise, surprise! Someone showed up 20 minutes early! and brought an extra guy along! By the time that I had designated, all but two of them had arrived, and those two were 1. busy at a job, and 2, had simply forgotten. So for the next three hours, we played Ping-pong on the dining room table.Acting on her own suggestion, my mom the  bread baker provided a self-serve pizza bar. The homemade dough was SO GOOD! IT WAS GREAT! I think I'll eat another one later... anyway, the tournament was won by a guy who refers to himself as AK-47, who was unanimously considered the best player there. Next month, Chess!


  1. We have a Nigerian Priest in our parish who should enter the olympics for ping-pong!! He's really fast!!
    And he smiles all the time he plays so its hard to concentrate... let alone beat him.