Well... What Do You Know...?

Because there are no other bloggers in my family, it falls upon me to, you guessed it... blow my own horn. (Vuvuzela sounds in the bakground) I'm 18 today! There, that's over with.
First thing'll I'll do to celebrate is to... write this post...:D

Probably by 12:00 I'll have been to the ice cream joint to have the once-a- year bannana split.

Then, by 4:00, I'll have seen "Thor", Which I ordered from Netflix specially for today.

Between the ice cream and the movie, or after the movie, or both, I will be attempting to contact my friends on Skype.

By 5:00, H-hour, I'll be eating ravioli and salad, followed by a scrumptious-sounding peanut-butter pie involving Oreo cookies and whipped cream, and opening gifts a few minutes later.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing to mark my birthday! Next year I'll mark it by seeing "The Hobbit" in the theater.

Happy (my) birthday everyone! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! Here is the link to the book that The Great Escape is based.


    The guy who wrote the book was actually part of the real "Great Escape" during WWII.

    I would like to know your thoughts about Thor after you watch it.

  2. I was actually kind of disappointed at how easy it was to laugh at the whole movie... Granted, that's probably the best they can do, but the CGness of Asgard was just a bit too obvious to take seriously...:D. Also, that giant vortex gun thingamajig they use to travel, and the CGI of them flying between worlds seemed a bit overdone. I didn't like Thor as much as I thought I would. He and the scientists were actually pretty annoying... but Loki, Odin, and Heimdall were great. I could totally get into Loki's identity crisis, and even though I had an idea of the ending, I was still pulling for Odin to say 'it's ok' at the end, even though it would be inexplicable. In consideration of the fact that it doesn't seem to be trying to be a great movie, I'd score 'Thor' at an 8.

  3. Thanks for your option but Asgard looked bright and colorful in the comics. It is not a dark world like Middle Earth. So I thought they did a good job in transition to the movie.