Movie Challenge Part Two

Last time I forgot to mention that I got this from JandJ. I would never start this myself.
No.6  Favorite Comedy

Why not? Honestly, it's been so long since I saw a comedy I can't really judge any others against it.

No. 7 A Movie That Makes You Happy
For various reasons, we were raised on Disney movies, so I have a long list. One is:

No. 8 A Movie That Makes You Sad

Definately. This is a great movie. Pickett's Charge has to be one of the three most depressing incidents in American history.

No.9 A Movie You Have Practically Memorized

'What we really need is some good taters.'
'What's taters?'

No. 10 Favorite Director
Peter Weir (Master & Commander:Far Side of the World)
In M&C, they obliterated the namesake novel (which was the roughest patch out of 20) and wrote a story that compares well enough with the character of the other 19 novels.


  1. Peter Jackson? You're nuts you are! Chris Nolan! Ridley Scott! Mel Gibson! Peter Wier! Andrew Adamson! Steven Spielberg! Jerry Bruckheimer! And you chose Peter Jackson!!!!! Honestly, I can't see why people think he's such a great director! Half the time he's so stressed out of his mind and has to go take a nap! While directors like Chris Nolan and Mel Gibson and Ridley Scot are some of the calmest and most patient directors ever! lol. Your choice I suppose.

  2. Take no notice of the rant above...:D No one's crazy... yet...:D

  3. @The Scarlet Pimpernel: What are you talking about? He chose Peter Weir. But Peter Jackson is a great director. Haven't you heard of the greatest film series of the 21st century The Lord of the Rings? :P

    I haven't heard of Pickett's Charge the movie but I do know some of the history. I need to check it out. Have you seen Gettysburg the movie? It has been a long since I have seen it but I remember it was good. "What's taters?" great quote.


  4. @SP & James- Sorry guys. I had chosen Peter Jackson earlier but then switched to Weir b/c I appreciated the story in M&C better than the character alterations in LOTR. Also, I did not say there was a movie called Pickett's charge; the one I chose IS Gettysburg. I just remarked on the hopelessness of the event of Pickett's Charge.

  5. @JT/King Valun: Peter Jackson is not my number one favorite director since he had not made many other great movies after LOTR but he is still one of the best. Steven Spielberg, Geogre Lucus and Peter Jackson. And sorry I couldn't read the Gettysburg poster.