Update, Updown, Turn on the TV

This is just a little filler note because I am doing absolutely nothing and it has been that way for a month and may stay that way until November. I am homebound and find it difficult to read in my situation, so I have been watching a lot of tv shows on Netflix instant streaming. With nothing else to do I watch a whole season every day.

  • Once Upon a Time: We watched the first season and decided it wasn't all that great. When they finally posted the second season, I sat through it just to see what happened. It pole-vaulted the shark about three times. Most ridiculous part: Enter Dr. Frankenstein. Hello? Fairy tale characters?

  • Doctor Who, 9th-11th Doctors: Short story: I am not a Whovian any more than I was before. Which was not at all. It drove me nuts that the Daleks and the Cybermen were constantly escaping permanent destruction by way of the slimmest of plot devices. The Doctor Who with a question mark gag is so stupid as to be groan-inducing, and there was far too much build-up in the sixth season to a death/regeneration that was foiled by 'timey-wimey" stuff. twice. It is also annoying that the Doctor's companions are always falling all over themselves to proclaim his greatness. I liked the ninth doctor best.
  • Dragnet: A short little true crime case file show from the sixties that is good for a lot of laughs and a barrel of snappy comebacks and civics lectures.
  • I have no intention of marathoning Star Trek, even though Netflix has the original Spock and Kirk version plus all the spinoffs. It is just too laughable.
  • I will be couchbound and surviving on tv shows and yogurt for the next two months, so if anybody would suggest a show to sit through, I will check it out.
  •  I have managed to read the Ranger's Apprentice series, which is the most laughable series ever and the 12th one is a bad idea since all the loose ends are tied. I have also read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the basis of the film Blade Runner. I liked the story, however, it makes me wonder how they made an action movie out of it.


  1. OK, I have a few TV suggestions. Firefly is great space western series that only lasted 14 episodes so it should be a quick watch.

    There is the John Adams miniseries, which is my new favorite historical drama. Warning though, it originally aired on HBO so it has some R rated stuff in the first and last episode.

    If you want to something out of the box and different you could try Japanese anime and for that I recommend "Code Geass" and "Death Note." The shows are an acquired taste and a lot of people do not like anime's style but it might be something new to try.

    It is interesting to here your opinion of Doctor Who.

    In Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, isn't Decker definitely an android or heavily hinted to be one? The movie left it ambiguous.


    1. ok, I'll watch Firefly cause I've seen that going around in the options. I kind of doubt that Netflix has anything else you mentioned though.
      In the novel he convinced himself that he wasn't. I don't think he could have been. He would be a terribly outdated model in that case.