A Late Note

It's a bit late to say this, but today, February 6th, is my sister's 13th birthday. 

Happy birthday to her
Happy birthday to her
Help me, I've got a crazy teenager for a sister...
But then, I'm older and crazier so I can't talk...:D
My sister is my best friend in my family, and I will say here, even though she can't read it, that I hope we remain as close as we are as we grow older. Since she doesn't have blog and doesn't read mine, I have to talk about her rather than to her, and I say that in the crazy household we live in, she may be the sanest one. She listens to me when I have something to say, and often puts me in my place when I am trying to rant and rampage, and is also good at improvising funny stories. I wish I could do it as she does, but I just can't. The only somewhat irritating thing about her is that she's obsessed with horses. But hey, aren't we all obsessed with something? It wouldn't be hard to believe. "Would you like a clockknight?" "What on earth is a clockknight?" "A knight with a clock on his head, obviously." Her lines. That made me rofl.


  1. Happy Birthday! That's not true! A clocknight is a clock with a knight on IT'S head! hahaha!