A reminder That I Am Still Here (An Update on my Boring Life)

Few things have happened since Lent began except that Lent began. As you might have guessed, I stopped posting after Ash Wednesday. This was because I have discovered that the Internet swallows up too much of my time, so I am ignoring it, except on Sundays. During this past week, my mom and my older brother celebrated their birthdays. On the 26th of this month we are going down to Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula to see a performance of Iolanthe, a not-so-famous play written by Gilbert & Sullivan. For the past few months, we have been enjoying fresh homemade bread and cookies, served up simultaneously to save the cost of buying and because my mom has joined the Bread Bakers Guild of America and is practicing to open her own bakery There is an awful rainstorm blowing through our area right now; the wind is tearing roofs off of sheds. So there you have it, the boring life of JT, King Valun, and The Phantom.

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