The Wal-Mart Saga, Parts 1, 2, and 3

There once was a relatively sleepy mid-size mountain community, known as T_____________. Then one day three or four years ago at the most, the supreme council that rules the Wal-Mart empire observed that "Hey, there is a community out there which has not been infiltrated by one of our infamous fortresses of cheap Chinese goods. We must build one there, stat!" So the Wal-Mart leaders soon approached the much weaker supreme council of T______________, and offered ____________________ dollars for the rights to the big empty lot at the center of town. Soon afterwards, a rumor began spreading around town; 'Wal-Mart is coming' Some said it cheerfully, looking forward to patronizing the most powerful corporation in America and the miserably underpaid Chinese workers who supplied its goods. But most said it with despair in their hearts; soon, 100 people would become Wal-Mart greeters, a hopeless future. So ends part 1.
Part 2 of the Walmart of T_________ saga: For a couple of years, nothing much happened in T__________. The town grew and (mostly) thrived, holding it's first annual Best of T_________ competition, in the course of which it was discovered that the town celebrity is an old-looking guy who is out on the corner every day to wave a sign for a pizza joint. His competitors for celebrity status were a rescue dog, and a naturalist who shares his name with the instigator of Jurrasic Park. The first two T__________ Idol contests were also held, proving that no town is safe from throngs of people who think they can sing. But to return to Wal-Mart: late last year, the signs finally went up, proving many people's fears: "Future site of Wal-Mart Supercenter" (read "there are no two ways about it. Your town is doomed!") Soon afterwards, the supreme council of T___________ began to put the matter on the agenda, to find out if anybody disliked Wal-Mart. They (no surprise here) found that many people dislike this corporation. But (surprise, surprise) they also discovered that many people actually enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart. The general public discovered this through the vast number of letters to the editor in the paper, which were pro-Walmart one week and anti-walmart the next, for about six weeks. But alas, despite the opposition, Walmart was approved, even though it's going to clog up our main road (so people say) So ends part 2.
Part three of the Walmart saga. Foes of Walmart, rejoice! (for a short time, anyway) The money has been paid about a month ago to appeal Walmart. I'm not sure what may come of this, or if anything already has, but rest assured that I believe part three: the appeal, is ongoing at this point. Let's hope it goes!

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