Another Triple -Persona Tag

 King Valun and the Phantom will not appear in any more tags after this one. they restrict my choice of questions too much.
 You must use one fictional character and one historical character to answer this tag.

1. What epithet do you think/hope your friends/followers apply to you? ('followers' applies to fictional characters only, just in case)
JT: the Understanding
King Valun: the loyal/honorbound
The Phantom: the Irritating.

2. Do you have a right-hand man/friend/brother/sister?
JT: Do I have to name just one?
King Valun: My man David
The Phantom: No. I am my own right-hand man.

3. What is honor?
JT: Behaving like a... Gaah! I don't know how to explain in original terms!
King Valun: Being able to be proud of one's past and confident in one's future, for a man without honor is a man without a future or a past.
The Phantom: Being the leader of everyone else.

4. If you were a shape, you would be a...
JT: A circle, for trying to just roll with 'it'.
King Valun: A square. For honor.
The Phantom: A triangle, for it's sharp edges... (evil laugh)

5. What should you be/are you famous for?
JT: Being me. And whistling undetectably.
King Valun: That i did not hesitate to do that which had to be done.
The Phantom: My reign of terror.
No. 6 has been flagged as a stupid question. feel free to replace it.

7. What do you do most often, besides nothing?
JT: write
King Valun: Fight the good fight and rule the good rule.
The Phantom: Scare people.

8. Is there something about you that even your sidekick (see question 2) doesn't know?
JT: If I haven't told them, I'm not telling you. It's not time yet.
King Valun: that he is a better man than I.
The Phantom: no.

9. What's the most dangerous thing you remember doing?
JT: I've done plenty of things that I thought were dangerous, but don't remember ever actually doing anything dangerous.
King valun: Marching to war on an assumption.
*The phantom: (At this moment, Will cantrell jumps through the window,sword drawn. The Phantom ignores the question and fights.)

10. What bothers you most?
JT: Not seeing anyone criticizing my writing.
King Valun: (crosses over to the duel, grabs Cantrell and the Phantom, and tosses them out the window, one after the other.) Unnecessary noise.

11. What do you like best about where you live?
JT: That it is home, and most of my favorite people live here too.
King Valun: That I am king.

12. What are you best at?
JT:: Failing to be funny.
King Valun: following, as you might say, my gut, and not to the table.

13. Somebody offers you ten bucks or a pancake. You say...
JT: (buzzer goes off signaling loss of choice)
King Valun: Oh, ten bucks, of course. Now I just need some does... What's a pancake, anyway?

14. Are you tired of this tag?
Both: Almost... Maybe...

15. Where would you rather be?
JT: With my friends.
King Valun: Where I am needed.

16. What mood do you like best in music?
JT: bouncy
King Valun: Marches fit for a king.

17. What is the weirdest thing you own?
JT: A model Ford Mustang that sings 'come on and take a free ride!'
King Valun: My crown: It is the ugliest thing you'll ever see. what a bad idea...

18. What's the most harmless thing people can startle you with?
JT: Disembodied chicken legs, sometimes.
**King Valun: Pointless questions like the 17 I just answered.

Cantrell and the phantom suddenly run across the room, shouting madly. The questioner keels over in shock, David appears to call King Valun away, and I leave the room as if nothing has happened.
*If possible, please do not get rid of either of your fictional characters mid-tag. But if you do find that they are too narrow-minded, feel free to use the arch-nemesis escape route.
** Also, please try to avoid using any form of 'stupid questions' at the end. My character got tired of answering.

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