Movie Challenge Part 3

11. Favorite movie from your childhood

I haven't seen this movie in years, but I'm pretty sure I saw it as many as 8 times (more than any other movie ever except Monster's Inc and The Incredibles) before I was 12. 'Robin jumps on the table!' All the stunts were hilarious.

12. Favorite Animated Movie
In this spot, I would choose Monster's Inc or The Incredibles or Toy Story 3. We generally don't watch Dreamworks films.

13. A movie you used to love and now hate.
The only movies I ever watched that could possibly go here is any of those ridiculous 'Air Bud sports dog' movies. If you don't know about them, good.

14. Your favorite quote from any movie
This is a percentage-points tie between "Forth Eorlingas!", and  "Every man dies, but not every man really lives" (I had a third one which I can't remember at the moment so I guess it wasn't so memorable to me after all.) closely followed by most of the rest of the LOTR script, I guess.

15. First Movie You Saw in Theaters
I've been told that my parents saw Toy Story in theaters. I was probably there too. On my own account, I can not remember what the first movie I saw was.

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  1. Good choices. I watched Robin Hood for the first time (well at least the first time since I was 5) not that long ago and it still holds up well today. I have never been a fan of Pixar but I know a lot of poeple are. "Up" in my option was Pixar's most overrated movie, it wasn't even funny.