Ten, Well That's A First Step

It's happened, and like I said I would, I'm celebrating gaining ten followers. This has been achieved thanks to That Dude, who appears to have clicked the button because I know how to say "What's new with me" in Spanish. Thanks!

Since there isn't much material for this otherwise, I am going to take the opportunity to tell you what sort of posts you can expect to see from me in the not-too-far-off future.

1) I will finish my posts on the Pixar movies in about a week. The delay is because we're about to rewatch UP, and possibly Cars, and I don't want my post to differ with my final opinion. The post on Brave might as well be up next before I forget too much.

2) Prompted by the posts of JandJproductions, I will eventually be doing my own trailer review posts. I will generally constrict myself to films that are based on books I'm familiar with, but since there aren't many of those, I'm not opposed to offering speculative opinions on other movies that look interesting, for instance, the Superman film Man of Steel. The first of these will be on the new film of the classic Les Miserables, which I read and enjoyed.

3) I will admit that I now consider myself a Batman fan, so after I see The Dark Knight Rises, I will do a post which will be intended more as a reaction than a review. I'll leave reviewing to those who understand it better.

4) At any random time, I might post something that looks like rambling nonsense, which will be a completed Mad Libs word game. Until further notice, these will be Star Wars themed.

5) At some point, when I can think of some that would be vaguely funny, I will not hesitate to do a post full of Boromir memes.

6) On JT's Tales, chapter 46 of The Price of a Throne is in progress. I would greatly appreciate it if those you who like reading would occasionally take the time to check it out and read the further adventures of king Valun and the others who populate that story. Any feedback I can get would also help me improve the next draft. In addition, there are also other, shorter, stories posted on the site. Since I have no clue how to do it in a short time, I'm afraid I can't give you the links back to the other related posts. Story posts always go up on the closest Friday. jtslitblog.blogspot.com

Thanks everyone, and maybe someday I'll reach 20.  Thus says JT.


  1. Glad I could get you to that milestone of 10 followers dude! You are most welcome! Though for the record, I became a follower because I liked what I read on here.
    And your plans for future posts sound cool bro! If you've ever read Ender's Game, and see the movie (if it comes out), then a review on that would be cool to read.

    1. I actually did read Ender's Game and half the sequels too. I liked the sidekick kid better, and the sequels better than EG, though. I doubt that I will see it, but I will do a post on the trailer.

      That speculation on your button-pushing was supposed to be a bit of a joke.

    2. Bean? yeah, he was cool. And yeah, I've read several of those little mini stories as well as the second book I think.

      Hahahaha yeah it's cool man. I got it :)

  2. Congrats, looking forward to the Batman, trailer reviews, Pixar posts and the Boromir memes.

    Thanks for adding the "Follow by E-Mail" button, my Dashboard does not always seem to work right all the time.