Trailer + Into the West

Honestly, I've been having some doubts about the practicality of posting screengrabs. I'm simply not ready to try yet, though I may later. But I'm going to talk about the trailer anyway.

I like this trailer because it shows that they are doing things as we hoped they would.

  • Trolls, check, although there is no official proof of the hilarious argument from the book as yet.
  • Dwarves arriving with the full "At your service". Check. But there is no indication whether they are arriving out of order.
  • Dwarves presumably singing "Smash the plates". Check. At least they are dancing around carrying stacks of dishes.:D
  • I like the line "I'm going on an adventure!" Not written, but easily assumed. The Took side won.
  • Bilbo's doubts, which get long paragraphs in the book, are nicely summed up with silly lines like "I'm surrounded by dwarves. What are they all doing here?"
  • There are some impressive shots of Bilbo admiring Rivendell. That will be stretched, it seems; they hardly stayed.
  • The thunderstorm in the mountains is very impressive, the more so because it is lifted directly from the text.
  • Impressive panoramic shots of New Zealand, check. This film is designed for 3D. It will be awesome.
  • The introduction of Radagast is interesting, but not important.  He had one line and no direct appearance in the books because he is a misanthropic-leaning treehugger. However, using his abilities opens new variations on the text to Jackson and co.
  • There are a few things that people perhaps wanted to see in the trailer that were not shown, including Beorn (awesome guy;) ), the five fir trees/ goblin town, and Legolas...;/. There's good reason why the first two were left out, which those who haven't read the story will discover in December. The word is that Legolas has been pushed back into the second film. Not that I wanted to see him, but I hope this means there is more backstory in the first film.
And as I am  wont to do, I leave you with the last song of the LOTR, Into The West, which is based on a verse sung by Legolas in the ROTK text.

Farewell! ( Click on this link to caption LOTR: http://thatroundwindow.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-annual-lotr-caption-contest.html


  1. Great analysis of the trailer, I hope it lives up to the hype. The only real problem could happen is that some of the Dwarves are underdeveloped and critics not liking it because it is part 1 of one whole story like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. But I am sure that I will enjoy it.


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