Sean Bean, Master of Death

Chances are you people have already seen these pics, but I'm posting them here because it's quite a surprise.

Do you get the feeling Mr. Bean has powerful enemies in Hollywood?

You might have to click on it to see it properly. In his most recent role that I know of, Mr. Bean was in the role of Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones. You guessed it: My impression is that he died in the first season. 
If any of you have seen a show in which Mr. Bean was still alive when the credits rolled, please comment. He gets no respect...:D


  1. My brother and I were just talking about this the other day because we just watched another movie were he dies! Hilarious picture, it is a shock when his character does not die in a movie. There is a show named, "Missing" were he appears to die in the first 5 minutes but it is not until later that the audience finds out that he faked his death. So far this is the closest I have seen him come to not dying.
    Also there was another funny picture with Bean that says: "A Walking Spoiler". Great post. :D He should make a pardoy of himself dying like every few minutes in a movie, that would be funny.


    1. :D I think he should ask for a bonus for his next role. Surely he's tired of being the fall(s down dead) guy every time. Just curious, do you by any chance know whether the list of deaths on the poster is in order? I doubt it 'cause Boromir's at the top of the list and it says since '96. Satellite crushing? Seriously? Let Sean Bean Live!

    2. I know right, for his next movie he should sign a contract were he CANNOT die in his next movie. Yeah, I am mostly sure that is not in order or at least most of it is out of order. Maybe we should start a "Let Sean Bean Live" society. :D
      By the way, in Goldeneye is when the Satellite crushed him, James Bond did it.


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