The 11 Tag

The 11 question tag is back, but that doesn't mean I'm going to tag anyone, since my followers are a combination of dormant blogs, people I don't follow, and others who have already done this tag. (if it's not in your archive, well then go ahead.) I'll just try to do it and see how it goes, because, in case any of you were unsure whether to tag me before, I like doing tags, but it doesn't take me long to run out of stuff to add, so there you go.
First off, Arda from In Western Lands was the last person to post this.

Second, I post random trivia about myself. (Does anybody understand why this is part of every tag?)

1. I love peanut butter and chocolate. I would hike across town (3 miles) for a bowl of the stuff all to myself.

2. With the exception of one of my best friends, my favorite recording artists are long since dead.

3. I am a Ringer and a Ringer alone. I do not consider myself a member of any other fandom.

4. I love Celtic music, both vocal and instrumental. No one will match the Clancy Brothers, The High Kings are good, and Celtic Thunder is a rip-off. If you know of any other contemporary Celtic performers who actually sing classic songs, and not just romance ballads by an in-house writer, please tip me off.

5.Howard Shore and Patrick Doyle are tied as my favorite composers, because of Doyle's work on Thor.

6. Every chance I get, I go out in a hoodie that has "I simply walked into Mordor" printed on the back. Most of you will understand perfectly. Geek thing.

7. I started a blog cause my friends moved away. No other reason.

8. Said blog (the original one) is just a place for serializing the small amount of writing I actually do. I don't have big plans like some of those I follow.

9. My house has a circular window. Which looks toward the south. Hence blog name. I have yet to see another circular window in a private house.

10. I enjoy the Piano Guys. If you haven't heard of them, you need to check them out on youtube.

11. I think video game music is cool, especially epic adventure games. But since I don't play video games, I rarely get a chance to hear any.

And now Arda's questions
 1. Do you like birds or fish best?
Birds for the win.

2. Do you prefer movies or tv shows?
 Movies in general, but some tv shows are more fun than movies.

3. What is a favorite summer memory?
When my best friend accidentally tipped me out of a canoe. It ended well, so it's funny now.

4. What can you hear right now?
Whiskey in the Jar by the High Kings playing on itunes

5. What is you preferred method of long-distance communication (phone, texting, skype, chat, etc)?
Skype! Unfortunately most of my friends are on Facebook, not skype.

6. What is your favorite outfit?
I have four sets of red t-shirts and black pants. Take a guess...

7. Favorite mythical creature?
Centaurs will have to do. They are cool in battle, anyway.

8. What is the last book you read?
The Wizard of OZ. Believe it or not I had never read it before.

9. What is your favorite way to exercise?
Playing sports with my friends.

10. What is your favorite type of weather?
 Normally hot and dry w/ temps between 70-85, with occasional rain for the smell of it. Fortunately, that precisely the climate where I live.

11. Would you rather life in a forest, in the mountains, or by the ocean?
I already live in mountains, and although the views and everything are cool, mobility is an issue. I would rather among trees on the coast.

Just as I think it pointless to tag anyone, I prefer not to ask more questions. There you go.


  1. Glad to finally know why you named your blog "The Window on the South", I first thought it had something to with the LOTR TTT chapter named something similar.

    The Piano Guys are the best, their LOTR and Star Wars videos are my favorite, also their collaboration with Lindsey Striling is great.

    I recommend you check out Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect and Skyrim video game music, those are some of my personal favorites.


    1. I was actually thinking of the lotr chapter too, but I couldn't call it "window on the west"b/c that would be a dead giveaway...
      I've heard Skyrim music before when you posted about it. It's really fun. I lament the fact that no one sells albums of game music...