Man Of Steel Reaction

Well, I just went and saw Man of Steel, and although I will say it was a lot of hitting and missing, in the end I thought it was a better movie than Iron Man 3, in part because there was no attempt to cross up the audience with abrupt character changes. Also because Superman delivers harder hits.

I was really disappointed to discover that the film was made as a disjointed medley of memories, flashbacks, and explosions, instead of playing out in a chronological order. Although all the scenes connected, it was tricky to figure out how.

Main Character
Superman as Superman was a lot of fun, however, I would say that as Clark Kent he was a lot of "ok, put on the suit already." He looked like he was constantly smirking, and it made it hard to like those parts.

Supporting Cast
There wasn't really any, except of course Lois Lane and the editor, with the addition of a couple of generals. They were like "we are reacting to Superman's presence. What else do we do?" In the other supermovies, the secondary characters have personalities.

General Zod is a cool villain, because no one named "general Zod" can possibly be a lousy villain, right? The way they set up the end just made him better. He gave us the smackdown we were counting on, and enough extra to move the plot along.

The music was pretty cool, as a symphony of head-pounding noise. I think it would stand better alone. However, as the score to the movie my reaction is similar to IM3: it disappeared into the background and wasn't really a part of my enjoyment of the film overall.

There isn't really any humor except a couple quick bits that  briefly reference superman's powers.

In the end the chaotic nonstop battle was just what was to be expected from a superman movie, and it made up for the rest of it from the sheer fun of watching explosions go off. I only think it's weird that the world always goes back to perfectly normal after the super is done saving the day, no matter how much stuff has exploded. Although I did not enjoy it as much as the Avengers laugh riot, I would not say no to seeing Man of Steel at least a couple of times in the future. Was there a bonus scene?


  1. Can't agree with you about it being better than Iron Man 3, however I will not argue about it.

    I agree the weakest part were the supporting character, or lack there of. Jor-El was the only slightly developed character.

    No bonus scene, I and half the people at the preview screening, stayed all the way through the credits.


    1. I knew you'd say that. And I knew i 'd say what I said, but it was actually harder to decide than i thought. Now I see what you mean about shaky-cam. It was painful to watch those parts...

  2. I'm a bit uncertain now as to how good it will be after reading your review, and seeing the critics reactions. And I don't know Superman that well, either.
    Who did the music?

    God Bless,

    1. Hans Zimmer did the music, and you probably want to ignore my opinion since you yourself have said you think I grade too harshly. It's ok, it just wasn't organized in the smartest way.