Monsters University!

I thought it was going to be good, and boy was I not surprised. On a scale of five desk lamps, I would put it in the fours and fives. It was laugh-out-loud- in -theater hilarious, and quite possibly, in my opinion, the funniest Pixar release since the original, Monsters Inc. Don't be fooled. It is very underrated compared to the tomatometer scores of the Pixar golden age.

Mike, Sully, and Randall were the hits of the show again, there were callback sequences that were hilarious if you thought the original was ok, there were even a couple of surprise cameos.

I better stop. I'm having too much fun. But if you were on the fence, go see it. If you'd rather ignore it, you're missing out. It is the best in years and gives good cause for hope that Pixar still knows how to make good movies.

p.s. this little note counts as my 100th post already...

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, after the last two Pixar disappointments, I will probably decide to watch this one when it comes out to rent.

    Also congrats on the 100 posts!