Fandom Roll Call

In the past, I was confused over what constituted a "fandom" one could declare themselves part of. But now I believe I've come to an understanding: If you would spend your allowance to get something connected to whichever pop-culture phenomenon it is you're thinking of, you are in the fandom, all right. And sometimes it's not pop-culture at all. I used to be reluctant to define myself as a fan of anything (i.e. novel series) which was no longer currently active. And then I did a double-take and realized that my favorite fandom has been going strong for fifty years! Hence, my list below.

The Works of Tolkien
Of course this was going to be on top. I say "the works" because although all of Tolkien's most famous writing is connected by way of Middle-Earth, the different styles in which each was written is enough to allow for a person to declare themselves a fan, but not get enjoyment out of everything he wrote. The Ringer fandom is also one of the most intellectual fandoms there is. People write scholarly essays explaining their opinions about all sorts of elements of Middle-Earth.

No, I am not embarrassed to admit that my second biggest fandom is a talking animal series intended for ten-year-olds that comparatively few people have ever heard of. I discovered the series at the age of nine and liked them so much I kept going back until I was sixteen. It is still my ongoing quest to put together a set of the complete novels in hardcover. The stories are full of humor, and unlike many series now, every entry of the 22 is a stand-alone story. As long as the author was alive, he kept churning out these stories, and once hooked, the discovery of the year's new release was the biggest event of my year. (almost). And yes, I did wish there was a movie. In my defense, if anyone cares, I joined the ranks of Ringers at the age of ten.

Although I have expressed dislike toward about half the films, I am still firmly in this fandom because the good ones are so good they convince us to come back next year for the next one. The good ones have all gained places on my mental list of "things I would buy if I had money"

The Chronicles of Narnia
Narnia was always my second or third runner-up when trying to decide what I liked. I read LWW several times in my early years. I don't know if I ever thought the back of my closet would disappear, but I certainly know that I wished something like that would happen. I liked the LWW movie a lot, but at one point we watched it so many times in a relatively short period that i can't seem to bring myself to sit through it again. I was properly excited by the news that #4 is finally in production, but my second favorite has always been #5. This fandom has nearly failed me, as #s 2-3 are bad movies. If all goes well I will be thirty by the time the last one is made. Noooo!

All Things Gaelic
This includes Scotland, Ireland, talking in a Gaelic accent, bagpipes, Celtic fiddling, Irish folk songs, kilts and wondering what haggis really tastes like. Yep, Everything. I'm actually only about 20% Irish, if that much, but that's where I'll always identify with as my heritage.

The Enderverse
I actually never read the complete Ender's Game series. After finishing the first book, I switched over to the Ender's Shadow series and got the two sets mixed up. Nevertheless, I am as excited as anyone that a movie about to be released, because as soon as I had read the original book, and a few times on the way through it,  realized that I badly wanted to see this book on the screen. Now to wait ten more days. I do not own any of these books, but I have recently remembered that I want to.

The Piano Guys/Lindsey Stirling
Ridiculously talented musicians who had their original bases on Youtube, and are now going on world tours and being followed by obsessed fans everywhere. Enough said. :D They even collaborate! (See Mission Impossible theme)

 I think there is no way to explain this one, ja? 


  1. I mostly agree about your definition of a fandom, however I would consider anything that a passionate about would be considered one as well.

    I need to make a post series similar to this about my fandom, although I have a lot to talk about.

    I did not know you are a Lindsey Stirling fan, she is my favorite musician, and I can't get enough of her music!

    By the way, did you watch the Halloween Toy Story special? It was quite good.


    1. This post was really to point out to myself alone that I belonged to more fandoms than just ringers, cause I hadn't thought about it before.
      Honestly I don't listen to Lindsey Stirling that much but I've seen most of her pop-culture covers and they're all awesome. Guess I'm really doing myself an injustice there.
      I did not. We actually never had cable tv in our lives until it was installed yesterday for my grandma.