The Music Man

This post is a shout-out to everyone to go follow a new blog. My best friend has decided to start his own music-dedicated blog where he will post from his extensive understanding of every music style that he enjoys, from the Beatles to Rock to classic folk, probably. You can probably expect not to find anything about rap or modern pop unless he feels like ranting over degradation. He's a full-time college guy but he'll post as often as possible. He can also be found on youtube where he posts original work under his real name. If you think this sounds interesting, click the link and tell him JT sent you. (just a little spamguard notice.)Oh, and he doesn't seem to have a blogger follow button, just a google+ button. I did not you could do that...Update: The usual blogger follow button had since been added.

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  1. Good, I hate rap music and have an overall dislike of modern pop-music. I will go check out his blog then. He really does need to add a follow button though, because a lot of blogger don't check Google+. He can have both. Anyway, I'm going to check it out now.