My Writing Playlist

As I have noticed that some other bloggers were doing this, it inspired to finally make my own playlist for writing inspiration which I hope will help me get through the Tolkien-inspired swords and armor story I have been working on for several years now. Every track on the list brings to mind a sequence I intend to write, or else it is included just because it helps me stay awake to think. You will recognize nearly all the tracks, but to make a post I will outline the list anyway.
  1. "Hail The Hero" preformed by Celtic Thunder. This track has become the de facto theme song of my favorite character. It's kind of a spoiler if one tries to connect it to a character's arc.
  2. "Heartland", also from Celtic Thunder, is one of those added simply to set the mood. It is a particularly easy one for me to listen to.
  3. "Sons of Odin" from Thor is a favorite because, well, it just sounds awesome.
  4. "Ride To Observatory" and "The Compound" from Thor are included because they bring to mind battle scenes that are major parts of the plot.
  5. I also include both "Making Plans/Gathering The Clans" and "The Legend Spreads" from Braveheart, even though they are basically the same track, because the mood fits into the story at some point and having them both increases the chance of hearing it...
  6. Okay, I'm tired of trying to point out why such a track is part of my special list. From here I'll just list them all and point out the notable ones.
  7. Howard Shore's "Concerning Hobbits", "Hope And Memory", "A Storm Is Coming", and "The Ride of The Rohirrim"
  8. Enya's song for the credits of FOTR, "May It Be" has become the theme song of my main character and his journey of loss and renewal.
  9. When I hear "To Aslan's Camp" from Narnia:LWW I always think of horsemen riding across open plains w/ stunning aerial perspective shots thrown in. "The Battle" from Narnia...fits over a particular battle. "Only The Beginning of the Adventure" is a nice party song for the happy ending. "The Blitz" is also on my list.
  10. I also include "The Fields of Athenry", "Fields of Glory" and  "Boolavogue" Each of which is a classic folk song or a more modern one pretending to be a classic, all of which are good and which I put in as "mood songs". Performed by The High Kings.
  11. And I'll just finish w/ a roundup of miscellaneous mood tunes. "Song of the Lonely Mountain" which I include as a substitute for "Misty Mountains" which is below my hearing range, "Across the Stars", the theme from Attack of the Clones, and two songs from my best friend, "Southern California" and New World"
  12. And that's my list.


  1. SONS OF ODIN!!! My number one top favourite soundtrack from Thor. If I don't check which song I am listening to, I can go through a couple of the Thor ones and not even notice! Earth to Asgard and Can you see Jane? are another few of my favourite Thor soundtracks.
    My brother recently got the Braveheart music and I think I'll try it out as he says it as bagpipes. :)
    LOTR music is great! I love May it Be, Concerning Hobbits, Many Meetings, Council of Elrond/Arwen and Aragorn theme and the Breaking of the Fellowship is pretty good. Amon Hen and The Black Rider are good tracks to scare me with. :)
    The Battle and Only the Beginnning are my favourite soundtracks from LWW.
    So basically, Patrick Doyle, Howard Shore an Harry-Gregson Williams certainly know how to write epic music! :D

    God Bless,

    1. Same here. I don't know the difference from one track to another because for the most part the extent of my hearing is the hero's main theme and I don't really notice the rest of it.
      Go for it! It's awesome. The two tracks I listed have the most bagpipes...
      We think alike. They are my top three too.

    2. I think it's more that I sort of don't feel the urgency to change it to something else as it is good. :)
      I also like Hans Zimmer though I know you don't. And John Williams is overratted though he does have a few memorable ones. Though you don't watch Dreamworks you should check out the How To Train Your Dragon music. It is pretty good. :)

      God Bless,

    3. I'm two steps ahead of you on this...:) I actually own about five Zimmer scores that I think are actually good. And I bought the HTTYD score last year. Yes it is awesome.

    4. Glad to hear it. :D What Hans Zimmer's are they?

    5. Gladiator, Dark Knight Rises, Megamind, Sherlock Holmes 2, and...ok well only four. I owned the Man of Steel score for a while but sold it away cause I could not herar a note of it.

  2. Of the tracks that I have heard before, I like them, particularly the themes from Thor, LOTR, Star Wars, and Hobbit. I will need to look up some of those that I have not heard of though.
    I have been thinking about making a similar list with the tracks I have been listening to while studying for finals.


    1. I believe you said you liked Celtic songs to an extent, so yeah look up the songs. This is not a list of my favorites, but ones that are right for the purpose. A list of favorites would have more LOTR and songs thrown in...