X-Wing Explosions

Well, first off, Merry Christmas everyone. Have a happy new year can wait till next week. Second, continuing our journey through the most famous fictional part o0f the universe, we watched A New Hope last night. For future reference you can get a good idea of my opinion of a film by noticing what verb I use to describe experiencing it. "watched or saw" always means it was fun, while if I disliked it I tend to use "sat through" and if I think it really stunk I use "endured". With a trigger word in there one really doesn't have to read the rest of my post to get my thoughts. However, we continue.

  • C-3PO, like it or not, is my favorite character, for reasons that are apparent to those of you who like the movies.
  •  Han's banter saved the film
  • Jango Fett apparently was a worse shot than everyone thinks. Since the clonetroopers are copies of him with advanced weapons training they should be able to hit something once in a while. By rights all the main characters died five times during the making of this movie.
  • Anikin messed up Darth Vader. By extension the prequels actually did dilute the originals. By that I mean after going through the prequels I find myself incapable of believing Vader's really as evil as he's cracked up to be, as crazy as that sounds. Also why in the world is Vader taking orders from guys in suits when he could just kill everyone with the force if they objected?
  • In the opening, Luke is a bored angry kid. By the end he's a squad leader in the final attack for no apparent reason even though he just got there.
  • The whole movie covers about two to three days, with riding speeders and flying at lightspeed all over the galaxy, not much more time could have passed.
  • Granted, this was done in the seventies, but in retrospect, the plot point of Luke and Han Solo both falling on their faces over Leia is so cliche its painful.
  • That moment when a Whovian Rebel realizes that the clarinet-playing aliens in the Mos Eisly bar look very similar to the ood.
  • That pointless sequence at the beginning that was just an excuse to chop an alien arm off.


  1. Merry Christmas!

    As for the Clone Troopers, most of the Stromtroopers are not actually Clones by the time of A New Hope. Again, this is not explained in the movies, but the Empire conscripted people from the planets they conquered since it was cheaper and easier. But that does not necessarily explain why the Stromtroopers can't hit anything after the opening scene.


    1. I hate when things aren't explained! Through the first four movies this has got to be the biggest fandom that's still running under its own power despite doing so many things that look stupid to one who is not a fan.