I know you've all been waiting breathlessly to see what I would post next... haha joke on myself... anyway, I'm back. And I'm here to post some random notes. I hadn't posted recently 'cause I didn't think I had any material. But then I got some more and decided to put it all together in a post of randomness. I must seriously be the most self-concious and indecisive owner of a personal digital camera you'll ever know anything about, because I never have any pics to go with my posts... :D. Recently, My dad and I competed in a horseshoe tournament, organized and made successful by nearly everyone we know, which was a fundraiser for the convent in the mountains on the edge of town. (We lost. We don't last long.) I, of course, do not have any pics.;D Another thing we did was to see Cars 2 in the theater. It was fun to watch, but not great. As you probably already know, it amounts to 'James Bond spoof meets NASCAR' I'm not saying more about it. Yesterday, I had a friend over to hang out. We played Carcassone and did a 'spoofiest of all spoof videoes' clip which I will post here as soon as I get the polished (as much as possible) version back from The Scarlet Pimpernel. Today, I caught my brother up a tree. The wierd one I profiled on his birthday last month. I'd been hearing stories for a month about his climbing prowess, but had never actually seen him myself until today. And I have pics to prove it.
My mistake I thought I could turn the image. You won't see him in this pic
The tree. If you look closely, you'll see him
And now, some final random thoughts: My new favorite snack is 'Peanut butter parfait' (Peanut butter +Yoghurt = presto!) And, was anyone able to completely comprehend King Valun's (VA-lun) handwriting in the last chapter on JT's Tales? Those letters are crucial to the plot. Last but not least, (I don't know how it got there, really) the image that I mean to use for the blog award I plan to give out is finally on a posting computer! Not long now!

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