An Update On the Last Post

Thanks everyone. We're both fine as of now. But if you would, please join me in asking that we both heal completely. My dad hasn't come home yet, though. I hope you'll pardon me for trying to maintain a level of privacy, this being a public site and all, but I can say my hearing is supposed to be improved now. Thanks again, and God bless.

(Just so you know I'm back to normal, somebody tell jandjproductions that JT/King Valun scores the LOTR trilogy at 9/10, 12/10, and 15/10, respectively, in that order.:D Our computers have gone haywire and I can't comment on anyone else's site.:D0


  1. I hope you and your father get well soon.
    Thanks for scoring the LOTR movie.
    I have had a problem with before blogger is it signing you out after you leave your dashboard or is it your computer that won't work?

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  3. If you press post comment when you are signed out it should take you to the "sign in page" type in your password and uncheck the "always stay signed in" box and it should keep you signed in, I know it sounds crazy but it should work. I hope this helps. :)