Inside Their Heads: My Characters, part 2

Due to how much farther along we are in the story, I decided it was time to dive inside the heads of a couple of the newer characters. Their bios are actually pretty simple...

King Torlan of Gairbairia
Torlan is powerful, stubborn, and more than a little, shall we say, 'egotistical'. He rules the people with a benevolent iron fist, and, not surprisingly, commands their total loyalty. He is nearing 50 years of age, having ruled since he was as young as king Valun (25). Ten years prior to the related events, he lead a short war against his Eastern neighbors, primarily to capture the border city of Trepalenmar.He strives for personal honor above all things and believes that if one can not win, one must die in battle. He has a son, who has moderate physical deformites. For this, Torlan secretely moved the boy elsewhere and decreed that his daughter was his heir. (He no longer wonders about his son at all). Pardon me for not imagining him. Ther best model for Torlan is Theoden.

Railon is an athletically fit knight of Gairbairia who has a rather wide adventurous streak. Due to this streak, he has traveled extensively, especially in the East. He joined particular sides in various wars (always in aide of the just right) and proved to be a formidable commander and fighter. In his travels, he was given the epitats 'the golden man' , '(the supreme being)'s strong right arm' , and by enemies, '(the supreme being)'s vengeful golden messenger' As shown, he will take risks where he can get them. He thinks like Richard of Corridane, enjoying fun and flair but serious when necessary. He is in his mid-thirties. He, also, plaes great store on honor, but has more sense than...spoiler alert if you haven't met him yet...Torlan. Railon is Torlan's younger brother.

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