A Non-Update

This is a reverse update to inform anyone, especially my listed followers, who reads this post, if anyone cares, that I expect to be very inactive in the blogosphere for an indefinate amount of time. This is due to my needing to buckle down to my homework and stay focused. Alright, the followers have spoken, or have remained silent, which applies better to my point. I believe that you are busy, and I don't hope to see you returning to the site every two days to see if anything is new... haha. But when I see that JT's Tales has gradually lost all it's readers, except for The Scarlet Pimpernel, who, being a good friend of mine, is probably still reading partly because of that, it tells me that I don't write an interesting, or entertaining, story. Therefore, I am suspending JT's Tales, and will not post the rest of the story, while still completing it, until further notice. I am writing the story as a hobby, but saw no reason to write it if no one was going to read it. Thus, I started JT's Tales, for the eventual purpose of posting The Price Of A Throne. But now I am freezing it, unless someone besides the Pimpernel comments to the contrary. Thank you everyone. May you reign long and well.

Strengh! Wisdom! Justice!

p.s. I am working on an x-number best books list, which I will post when I have it in order.


  1. I am reading your story, but I've just not had too much time to keep up lately. Sorry about that. I think I've read every chapter except the latest one, which I am about to do.

  2. Thanks for replying. I guess I have to unfreeze the storynow... haha. The writing will get better eventually.