It's Not Rocket Science...

But... wait a minute... maybe it is... My comically unpredictable brother Frank has found himself a new fad worth having. And that is, as you can see, rocket science. Recently, he's been working out his idea of the perfect rocket, which, apparently, consists of a capsule ten acres wide (or as small as one person, depending on when you ask) powered by an intricate combination of solar panels, pure silver, and copper wire. No asking where the oxygen tank would go. In reality, though, it seems his ideas aren't so ridiculous after all. Believe it or not, a scientific magazine uncovered shelved plans by NASA to design rockets that are powered by black holes, nuclear bombs, and antimatter. How can that be possible?! Btw, did I mention Frank plans to go into orbit in a rocket made of cardboard? But at least now he got this penchant for launching rockets, we know what to get around Christmastime... I wonder what the neighbors thought when they heard the boom...?

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