Style Award

I got this award from Imogen about three weeks ago. This blog is accepting it on behalf of JT's Tales, which is busy posting a story I don't want to break up. (btw, it's just getting interesting). Now,  the answers:

1) My legs are cold-blooded animals

2) My favorite artists are Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, the Clancy Brothers, and Gilbert & Sullivan

3) I can play main parts of as many as 8-10 film scores, but no full pieces (can't anybody do that?)

4) I always order pasta on my birthday. (does that tell you I really like pasta?)

5) believe it or not, I actually enjoy some of the suedo-pop songs on movies. My favorite song albums are riddled with nostalgic romance... (Have I lost my mind?:D)

6) I consider myself an LOTR semi-geek, sort of

7) I like to spout total nonsense at my family just to hear them ask me 'Are you insane?' I always say 'yes' :D

Since they are the only ones left, I pass this award on to:

The Scarlet Pimpernel at his adventures He drew me into blogging. Though he doesn't post often, his posts are worth tracking for the unique persceptive he puts there, which is often humorous (no offence, of course, TSP:D)

JandJ at jandjproductions. In the months since I started following, they have only once, to my memory, posted anything besides an award acceptance or a movie review (my book challenge) but the reviews are always interesting. If you like action movies and epics, their blog is worth following just to see their header! :D


  1. Thanks for the award but what questions do I answer? About "historical fiction" movies are there any ones that you want me to review in particular? I am waiting for Braveheart and Gladiator(I watched it 10 years ago but I want to watch it again) to come on a movie channel. Does World War II movies count as "historical fiction"?

  2. Thanks for explaining. I will be posting more "historical fiction" movie soon. They will mostly be war movies since there are a lot more of them than other ones. Thanks again for the award I will post it tomarrow. I haven't seen Master & Commander yet but when I do I will review it.