The LOTR fan award

Thanks JandJ for this award. My answers to the three questions are below.
 1) Favorite character and why: Faramir, because he had the sense and the heart to release Frodo and was not tempted by The Ring. (He's quicker on the uptake in the book)

2) What race would you be: I don't play LOTR online. An unscientific quiz I once took said I was a Dwarf.

3) And where would you live?: Assuming I were me, I think I would most prefer the plains of Rohan. If I were a dwarf, of course, I would live in Erebor.

Anybody who likes LOTR gts this award.
More posts are forthcoming.

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  1. Hi JT, I've awarded 'JT's Tales'the stylish blogger award. See the post on my blog for details.