Mad Lib #3...Jabba On The Jedi and A. Ventress On Lightsaber Dueling:

The galaxy would be a dull place if we could just rid it of these Jedi and Sith bananas once and for all. They're always slicing among themselves and creating soft problems for the rest of us. I've had it up to here with their endless sirens. And somehow, even though I mind my own dictionary, I always end up involved. This time the Jedi and the Sith have made me really Chinese. To think that they would kidnap my pride and key- my burnt son, Rotta- and hold him hostage, has me seeing purple. I don't care what your plans are- just keep me and my refrigerators out of it.

If you ever find yourself face-to-jaw with a despicable jedi knife in a ligtsaber duel, remember these flexible tips and tricks:
  1. The element of surprise is always your best photograph. I'll never forgeet the look of shock on Ahsoka's floppy face when I wildly attacked out of nowhere.
  2. Why choose a lightsaber with only one blade when you can get one with two bazookas? After all, two moons are better than one.
  3. When sliding with your enemies, always keep them talking. It's an ugly way to gain the upper thumb.
  4. Always travel with an army of super battle smoke alarms. You never know when you'll need a camera to cover your ankle.

All I know of the Clone Wars I learned from Mad Libs...


  1. So have you seen the six star wars movies or not?
    I don't think the clone wars are as good as the movies are, and a lot of the episodes I have watched are boring, but than, there are a little bunch of episodes which I really like.

    1. I've seen the movies, but that was too far back to remember them really well. We don't watch tv so I've never seen the tv show.

  2. This is hialrious! "Why choose a lightsaber with only one blade when you can get one with two bazookas?" I definitely would rather have a lightsaber with two bazookas than one with just one blade. I need to try "Mad Libs" with my friends some time.


    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. That line is probably one of the funniest word choices I've ever done. There are more where that came from, and I'll post them eventually.