Who Is Darth Sidious? #4

In the shadows of the Clone Wars, there lurks an evil and heroic clone known only as the Sith emporer, Darth Sidious. Few ever get a chance to meet this this evil master-sun and even fewer have ever met him face-to-earlobe. One of the few who has is the Separtist castle Count Dooku, also known by his Sith title, Drth Dan. But to the majority of us, what Darth Sidious looks like, where this boiled chain lives, even how he takes his morning cup of rum, are nothing more than insane rumors. Only two things are certain-you don't want to cross him and you definately don't want to make him weak. If you do, your doorknob is most certainly in danger.

Nute Gunray, also known as the viceroy of the amoeba Federation, will say whatever he needs to get what he wants. As a business-cucumber, he's always trying to negotiate the best blurb for himself. He doesn't care who gets hurt or feels confident as long as he remains cloudy and in charge. Neimoidians, peanut butter cookies from the planet spork and leaders of the Trade Federation, are known to be slippery and spicy, but Nute Gunray takes this to the next spoof. He's always got a trick up his banjo and can never be pinned down. Even when he was caught by Republic bookshelves and put in a breadfruit, he managed to escape. Of course, it didn't hurt that he has very powerful vegetables. But someday his piano will run out. We can only speedily hope it happens sooner than later.

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