I have just finished rebranding my blog. My url is now thatroundwindow.blogspot.com instead of 'thechimneywindowfiles'. I also redesigned my blog button to the image I had wanted before but didn't have. This button actually works, but for some reason i don't understand, the image is not appearing. Does anyone know what's wrong now? After the image appears, I would ask those of you who display my button to replace it with this one, which works. Thanks.


  1. I am glad I have finally found your blog again. When you changed the url it stoped showing your blog on the Blogger Dashboard. So I figured you deleted your blog for some reason. Did you change your profile? Becasue I did not remember you saying that you were also homeschooled.


    1. Thanks. I meant to tip you off, but putting annoying comments on everyone's blogs didn't sound right. I rewrote my profile when I changed the url a couple weeks ago (always been homeschooled). I've tried everything I could think of to get my blog to show, 'cause it wasn't updating on my dash either... btw, DO you know something relevant to my question?