The Price Of A Throne

Everything has a price. Given the chance to rule, what would you give up? The four kings had no choice.

It's back! After an entire month of trying to work out the next chapter, I've finally posted that story again. This particular chapter's only three pages long after all that time, and it feels like a rushed job. Which is a good thing, because it means that in the back of my mind I know that in the future I will be able to add to the action in the scene. I'm evolving!

Half of you know that I've been posting this story for the past nine months, and the rest of you only joined the court after the posting of my interview questions on JandJproductions. Thanks for the support! When the tenth person joins, I'll do a celebration post. (I don't bother celebrating blogoverseries; I've passed two already.) But anyway, back on topic.

If you've seen my interview answers, which JandJ hospitably allowed me to turn into a publicity stunt for my writing blog, you know what the story is about as I can articulate it. In case anyone's still unclear, the setting is a human-exclusive world set in the age of chivalry, swords and fortresses. Powers and abilities beyond the bounds of exceptional human physical skill and/or physique have no place in my writing. Just so no one decides I was trying to misrepresent it, yes, it was inspired by LOTR. Weren't most good fantasy stories in some way?

Everyone, please take another look at the story. I consider it my life's work to this point (superficial as it is) and if no one looks at it, it's being wasted. If I can articulate the further adventures of the kings fast enough, it should be completed by the middle of July. The characters are finally deciding steps on their own, so it should be a bit more interesting in the coming weeks. If any of you suddenly start reading it again, remember not to apologize (just in case you have the slightest suspicion this is a guilt trip post; full admission: it is, partly. I miss my readers...) and just give your thoughts on the results of my work and what you think might be upcoming. When I finally get to the second draft, I will go back to square one and build the world around the names.

Just in case the rest of this post drove you to distraction, please be aware that Price of a Throne is not the only story I have posted on JT's Tales. (For some weird reason, I am particularly proud of my loopy "life on Mars suedo-satire I entitled "The Elevator to Mars...hint, hint. Whoops, there I go again...;D)

Thanks everyone

-JT, on behalf of King Valun's scribe.

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