Sitting In the House All Alone...

This morning my family left to go camping for the weekend in a place called Red Rock Canyon, a desert park that received great reviews from family friends. Why am I not with them? Because various physical difficulties make it a literal pain to hike or even step out the door for an extended period. In addition to that, I wanted the extra time to ensure that I would complete my end-of-year assignment for school.

In reality, being home alone is rather boring. Contrary to some claims of my siblings, I do not immediately start bouncing off the walls.;D In fact, as soon as they were gone, I sat down to work on the essay that I have to turn in to finish the year. I am happy mostly because 72 hours alone gives me the opportunity to play all my favorite music CDs 3 times, and see the whole LOTR without worrying about whether anyone cares...

Although I have repeatedly said, and I stand by it, that the LOTR are some of my top five movies. (the others are Braveheart (censored) and Master & Commander: Far Side of the World*), I have only seen them two or three times because I have younger siblings and my parents don't want them coming upstairs out of curiosity to see all the violence, not to mention the grossness Peter Jackson added. (I think he had a little too much fun making the orcs disgusting). Nevertheless, the movies are great, notably because some scenes, like the Ride of the Rohirrim, were done right. I get thrills from reading that part, without thinking too much about the film.

But partying, as I said, isn't all that I'll do. I've also been entrusted with the task of maintaining our barnyard and gardens (with some help from a family friend). The aforementioned barnyard encompasses 3 dogs, 6-8 goats, some turkey chicks, numerous chickens, and, until further notice, some ducks. If you think that isn't a lot, rest assured that there used to be a lot more.

In the near future I will be posting an album of songs written by a personal friend (as soon as I get the ok to post him online) and later will be posting a video shot by me and my siblings the working title of which is "Have Gun, Will Travel, as you've never seen it before." We hope it's silly enough to make you laugh, but it should come across more easily if you've ever heard about the old western TV show, "Have Gun, Will Travel" about a can't miss, know-it-all gunfighter named Paladin.

that's all for now, and I'm off to cook my requisite six eggs with Cheddar.
*Master & Commander, I repeat, is the best destruction of a book I have ever heard of. I really wish they had done some of the ones that were fun to read. 20 books means they would never run out of materiel...

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