Day 1, 2014

As promised, I'm publishing a post. Today I spent all afternoon failing to add a blog button to my blog. I follow all the steps but for reasons unknown to me I still don't have a working link button. I guess it's a lost cause. Also, note that I've changed my picture to the minimum speed sign which is still my favorite personal joke. This is because the Faramir pic I'd been using for the past year suddenly disappeared while I was trying to get the button. Last night (Dec. 31st) we sat through Empire Strikes Back. Only one more to go. I do not know. Although I can believe why others say it is the best, because it seems to have the tidiest storyline and all that, it just did not engage me. The sequence of encasing Han Solo in carbonite used to scare me to death but this time it was just like "ok, that's over" It annoyed me that Yoda's entrance had him acting like he'd lost his mind compared to the wise old master of the prequels. Having him rummage arbitrarily through things and then get pouty and say he'd only help if he could keep the flashlight object was beneath the jedi master dignity the character had during the rest of his scenes. And instead of building the tension, the repeated failures of the Falcon's hyperdrive devolved into a running joke. Also how the last part of the movie was the obligatory "untrained kid confronts most powerful dangerous enemy, does not die." It looked cool before, but a real comprehension of events just made it feel like a throwaway. How nice for that convient radio tower thingie that wouldn't even bend under Luke's weight...

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  1. I don't know that much about blog buttons. I probably should update the old one that my friend made for me a few years ago.

    As for Yoda's actions, he was testing Luke in see if had the patience, at least that I why I observed watching it. Either that or Yoda has lost his mind in the 20 years he has lived there without any sentient lifeforms.

    To answer how Luke managed to survive his encounter with Vader: Knowing that Luke is his son, Vader did not want to kill him. You can even see how effortlessly Vader is fighting in the early parts of the battle. He wanted alive so that he could turn him to the Dark Side.