Drawing William Wallace (a.k.a Mel Gibson) Part One

The photo above, as you can clearly see, shows an original screencap from Braveheart, on the front insert of the film score, on the right, and my attempt to recreate the image on the left. My version is laughable. I overcompensated for the lighting, which resulted in what my dad described as 'a pile of dirt' on Wallace's head. And man is that sunburn bad!:D Anyway, I'm going to be doing similar tracings as often as I can... so does my image look very much like the original, somewhat like it, or is it just bad (in politespeak, 'it could be better'):)


  1. It could be better... What!? You said you wanted me to be honest!

    ~That Pimpernel

  2. I know. Thanks for the honesty. Talk like that about The tale of four kings, will ya?