Mad Libs #2

Excuse me for my lack of originality, but since I haven't recently done anything but return my new shoes for second time, I felt like posting this:

Being A Clone Commander, By A Clone Commander

So you'd like to lead a squadron of clock troopers? Well, it's not all fun and leopards fighting the bad insects; it's also really shiny work. For one thing, you always have to be on your game, on the lookout for anything slanted 24-40. You're on call morning, noon, and toaster. You might be dancing peacefully, when suddenly your Jedi Knight's boring voice comes shouting out of nowhere, commanding you to battle radiators immediately. When you've been snapping in battles as long as I have, you learn three very important things. First thing to remember: The cloud always comes first. Second, if you get captured, keep your lung shut. Third, and most striped, expirience outranks everything. Keep these three shrunken things in mind, and your squadron will slyly respect your hole.

And now, if you would be so kind, please catch up to JT's Tales. (We're on chapter 8)

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