Movie Challenge Part 4

No. 16 The last movie you saw in theaters

Please don't ask about it. We might see one or two random movies a year. This was the second one. No comment.

No. 17 The best movie you saw in the last year

No. 18 The movie that disappointed you most
One of my friends kept asking me to see this one for months. So I did. Need I say it fell flat.

No. 19 Your favorite actor
I choose Mel Gibson because so far he's the only actor I've seen in two entirely different films.

No. 20. Your favorite actress
I have never given much thought to what I thought of the performers, be they men or women. I care more about whether the story is a drag. I fill this slot with Miranda Otto (Eowyn)*

*In case you're wondering why none of them made the list, it's been so long since I saw Star Wars movies, I'm not prepared to judge them against oones I remember better.


  1. I also don't go to the movies very often. I have only been twice in 4 years(Captain America and Indiana Jones). But this is going to different. I am definitely going to see The Hobbit and The Avengers. Was Mission Impossible any good? I have heard a lot about it, I did liked the first movie.


    1. I wouldn't say it was any good. I'm not that kind of guy. What I saw in it was a string of ridiculous plot devices and over-the-top combat. It was really predictable.