Movie Challenge Part 6

No. 26 A movie that is a guilty pleasure
Ok... 'movie you don't consider all that good but you enjoy it anyway...'

Cheesy and weird? Yes. Fun? Yes. I actually met one of my best friends over the 'this is a rock, this is a tree' scene in IG when I was 12...

No. 27 Your favorite classic movie
I don't care how old it is...

No. 28 Movie with the best soundtrack (score)
It's a 3-way tie between...

No. 29 A movie that changed your opinion about something
This is the one that doesn't apply to me. I don't have one.

No. 30. Your least favorite movie
I like the first one and the third one. But so many things about this movie were wrong, it almost makes me sick to think of them. The subplot, the invented sequence, the pointless stalling, Ben Barnes' accent, the sheer clicheness of the stupid parts...

There you have it: 30 questions about movies; 29 answered.


  1. Good choices. While Prince Caspian is not the worest movie I have seen(I have seen some really bad movie) but it wasn't that good. And good choices for soundtracks. After Star Wars LOTR is my favorite.


    1. Well, it's the worst theatrical release movie I've seen mostly 'cause it spoiled a book I liked for all the reasons I listed.