Movie Challenge Part 5

No. 21 The most overrated movie

No. 22 The most underrated movie

No. 23 Your favorite character from any movie
For the heroes:

For the villians:

No. 24. Favorite Documentary
The serialized show we found on Netflix recently: Searching for Shakespeare with Michael Wood.
If Shakespeare interests you, this show is really fun to watch. They show off plenty of things the history books don't say about his life and times.

No. 25 A movie no one would expect you to like
All right, so I've only seen it once and I didn't enjoy it then, but I might like it better if I sat through it again.


  1. I will hopefully see Master and Commander soon. Is it based on a book? Or is it is based directly on history? And I think you didn't understand the last question fully. It means a movie that you liked but other people wouldn't think you would have liked it. For me it was "Forrst Gump" since in general I don't dramas but I actually liked the movie. From you descripion you didn't like The Dark Knight much, so I wouldn't think it would qualify.


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    2. What I mean to say is that if you knew me you would know I did not like Dark Knight, but I have since decided I wss biased agianst it the first time. Master & Commander is based on a book, but 90% of the film is nothing like the book at all. Don't read the book and see the movie on it's own account.

    3. Thanks, for the info about Master and Commander.


  2. Dark Knight!!!!! Wahooo!!!!!

    And I thought my Jokes were bad...

    I thought Batman was the main character of the film... sure doesn't seem like it with Heath Ledger in it.